Monday, 27 October 2008


Yes, you see well, I did some more Kool-Aid, food-colouring dyeing at the week-end!
The big ball is lace yarn and is a bit too pale to my taste and the second is sock yarn and looks like fun!

Winter is coming and my son´s head has grown, it seems. So what is a mum to do, a new skull hat of course. I would not have chosen that pattern myself, but better he likes it and WEARS it as goes bare head and catches a cold!
I finished the socks for my DH too. I like the colours but did not have enough( he has BIG feet!) so I had to mix in some dark grey yarn at the toes.And finally, I sewed a little bag. It is for a surprise project at our quilt group and that´s why I can´t show the stitchery on it at the moment.

That´s it for today. Still not much quilting going on but I am thinking about it!
Have a nice time.

Sunday, 19 October 2008


Nothing much going on this week. Running errands, doctor´s appointements,...
I had time to admire some trees in the neighbourhood and I hope to get inspired from their colours for some future projects.
Last week´s workshop on machine quilting went very well and we had much fun. So much fun that I forgot to take pictures!
Anyway I have finished Bea´s 9th BOM. I changed it a bit. I hope Bea won´t mind!

As I have a growing stash of scrap sock yarns, I started using them. First for a pair of
booties for a student of mine who is expecting. ( Don´t worry, I teach adults!)

Then some preemies´ hats and socks for a local hospital.
When I have more I intend to visit the hospital with my DS to bring them the socks. My DS was born there 8 years ago and he was a preemie too, so I thought that would be a nice idea to thank them for their care.

Now I am knitting some socks for my DH, who is quite a bit larger than a preemie and the socks are taking a bit more time.
After that I intend to go back to sewing and quilting. I still have some projects ( others would say UFOs!) which need looking after.

I wish you a nice autumn week.

Friday, 10 October 2008


We are back after a great time at my sister´s in Great Britain. She liked her socks (main thing!) and we did a lot (like shopping at the interknit café, going to the cinema to watch Mamma Mia, or spending a day in London).
All that time I could not sew nor knit so I haven´t much to show this week.

I had finished quilting that piece before going. The blocks were friendship blocks from allover the world. I machine quilted it and then washed it to get the antique look.

While in Great Britain, I bought some food colouring to try some more yarn dyeing. And this time I am very pleased with the results:

The three skeins were dyed with a mixture of Kool Aid and food colouring. Now when am I going to knit all those socks and/or scarves?!

Not tomorrow as I will give a workshop on machine quilting! I will show the result of the course next time.

I wish you a nice week end with a lot of sun (as we had today).