Saturday 23 June 2012



 I can´t stop knitting! The weather is not at all summery so what else can I do?

This top is made out of cotton and I am knitting the same model in a winter version out of Alpaca right now.

 Then I knitted a merino and silk scarf as a present. It is so soft and light.

 I can slip the whole thing in my finger ring!

 This is another project which lasted a while!

 Bea´s BOM. I wonder wether I should add another border  or leave it like that.

I think I will put that project aside for a time and see if inspiration hits!

With all the rain here, the plants in the garden are growing like in the jungle so that I have to spend a lot of time with the pruners.

I wish you all a nice summer with your families and friends.

Wednesday 2 May 2012


If you have a look there and there (look especially at the dates!), you can see that this quilt was a quick birth. I will call it ALMOST POWERLESS because I hand-sewed the baskets, assembled the top on my treadle machine, hand-quilted it and only added the binding with my sewing machine.

 It is a very comfy quilt as the batting is a very thin cotton one. The reason I finished it is because I want to show it at an exhibition soon.

 Then now for something completely different. I have some left-overs from my last baby quilt project and saw something very cute somewhere on the internet. Forgot where but that was enough to inspire me and here is the result:
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

 It is not very big (20 x 25 cm or 8" x 10") but cute for a small baby room ( near Paris I should say!).

 Painting the  canvas was fun and a learning experience and who knows, maybe I will make some more for future babies!

I am having some problems getting used to the new blogspot mask so please excuse some awkward lay outs.

Monday 19 March 2012


Do you remember that project? I decided to finish it using scraps, small scraps!
I have sewn all the stars and am coming along with the sashings.
The sewing project does not look like spring at all (not like what is going on in the garden at the moment!) but I HAVE to finish some stuff before I start a new one.

When I don´t feel like sewing I go back to my art journal. I have fun adding pages, trying everything I can put my hands on.
Some pages please me more than others, but that´s the point, isn´t it? I am still learning.
I think I will never stop learning though!

Have a nice spring outside or inside.

Thursday 16 February 2012


Title is an allusion to my sister´s post!

As I keep on exploring new arty paths and renovating my entrance hall.
For Christmas I asked my DH to make a new shoe rack. He obliged gracefully, if only a bit late and I was left with some sanding and painting. I like the new piece of furniture very much. Imagine before a small pine shoe cabinet with most of the shoes on the floor in a heap. Above was a older cross stiched sampler I made as I was much younger.

So new art was needed too.

And that´s what I came up with. I used wall paper, magazine bits, gesso, bubble wrap... and I had fun!

I wish I had bought bigger canvases as these ones look a bit small above the shoe shelves (they look bigger in real though). But I bet I will make some more and anything is an excuse to go to a favorite shop of mine.

Take care

Wednesday 25 January 2012


A lot of pictures to show what my mother and I have been busy with.

I finished machine quilting the baby quilt for my cousin´s daughter:

I must say, I am pleased with the result. The colours were a bit out of my comfort zone but I got used to them. So much that I made a bag to go with the quilt!

The bag is not big enough to store the quilt in ( it is 10" x 9") but maybe big enough to put some nappies.

When my mother was here over Christmas, I gave her bits of fabric from the baby quilt and that´s what she made with them.

It is a wall hanging with appliqué and hand quilting.

Now the little girl will have something to snuggle up and something to look at!

Still no snow around here, not that I complain but my DS would like to use the sledge he got at Christmas!

Keep busy and inspired.

Thursday 29 December 2011


Christmas came and went. All run well with nice company and mild weather.

In the meantime the recipient of this quilt is born (a very cute little girl named Lucie) so I ´d better hurry to get it finished.

The pictures are not great but they are the best I can manage with the winter sun.

I will machine quilt it with flowers and loops in a white thread.

I wish you all the best for 2012.
May you have a peaceful,rewarding and joyful year.

Sunday 27 November 2011


We have been living in our house for over 10 years now. That means some walls needed some fresh paint. I started with the toilet (I don´t think you want to see pictures of that!) and then I painted the entrance with a light linen colour.
The wall on one side looked naked and we needed a shelf anyway to put keys, letters,...or so I told my DH. He built a shelf which I painted with about 10 coats of satin white and then made a collage to put above:
It is made out of old and new magazine pages, pictures I found in discarded school books... I printed the cutlery on a tea bag! I added some scrap booking papers ( yes dear sister, I have some of them too!) and I called it done.
Even if I see things which I could have done differently, I like the colour scheme and the over all feeling. Can you guess? It won´t be my last collage.

I started yet another baby quilt (this time for a girl as you can guess) for someone in my family in France. I will add appliqué flowers on the white borders and see how it turns out.

This time last year I was complaining about the snow, well this year winter is taking its time. I won´t complain now, just that it could be colder to get rid of all the bugs still around!

Have a nice advent!