Friday, 27 July 2007


Here are some pictures of the exhibition My DM and I went to as I was in France. It took place in St Quai-Pontrieux a nice summer resort on the north coast of Brittany. The exhibition was very nice. As the place between and in front of the quilts was not very big, some of the pictures are cut. Sorry!

I liked the form of that quilt and the scrappy look.
In this one I found the colour combination interesting.

Another scrappy quilt. I remember that the leaves had been sewed in and not made in appliqué!

I liked the unusual block of that one and the fact that all the white blocks had been filled with stitchery with a maritime topic.

I recognized some Dear Jane blocks in that one and I found the colour combination very successful.

And yet another scrappy quilt. The stripes of the log-cabins were so small (about 1 cm wide) that one couldn´t see the overall pattern from near!
One could only see a lot of very colourful stripes.

And finally my favorite! Scrappy, with repro fabrics.
My DM and I bought tickets and took part in the prize-drawing but we didn´t win anything, maybe next time in 2 years for their next exhibition!

Sunday, 22 July 2007


After 3 weeks of rainy weather and cool beaches, I am back in Germany.
Still it was nice to see my family again and to breathe in some french air!
As I had mentioned before, I had something to do for my DM and my DS, which was a good idea considering the weather! We spent an afternoon, glueing, cuting and sewing little squares and here are the results. The first are the nine inchies my sister made for her daughter.
And the ones my mother made:

With a close shot:

My mother liked the concept so much that she has made nine more and framed them as well and has asked for more bare squares.
We had time as well to visit a glass bead maker and a patchwork exhibition (more pictures to come!).
Now I am off to read all your blogs. It seems you all have been very busy and I have a lot to catch up.