Thursday, 20 August 2009


It is just hot here, too hot to do anything apart from gaping at the garden getting dry!

Fortunately the house is more or less cool (depends on the floors) so that we can still sleep and move around.
My confetti quilt is growing. I am thinking of adding 3 more rows of squares, add small white sashing in between and then ponder for a border.

As you can imagine I am not wearing these at the moment although they are very comfy and soft. I am proud to show my first ownmade handspun socks and I must say they won´t be the last!
I received some rovings from England and I started dyeing them (they dry so fast in the heat, it has to be good for something!) so that next time I will present some more homespun.

Till then I wish you a cool breeze and a nice refreshing drink on the patio.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


We have been back for a few days yet but it is only now that I find some time to post.
This is where we spent some of our time. My parents have a house there and even if the water was quite cold (so cold I did not get into it but my DH and DS did nearly everyday) and the weather on the wet side, it was a very nice holiday.

We did not do much apart from hanging around and sleeping but we still managed to visit a local fair where I had an interesting chat with these nice ladies. And before you ask, no, I have never worn such a costume myself!

I took a picture of my mum´s lattest work. It was a mystery quilt at her local quilt group.
Although my mum is not very fond of it, she was very brave and finished it!

No UFOs for her!

Since back I have been working on my confetti quilt and at some spinning.
Pictures of that will be next time.

Till then I wish you some nice time and hopefully warm weather.