Saturday, 18 April 2009


We are enjoying the last days of our Easter break and we have been lucky with the weather, being able to spend a lot of time outside.
I managed quite a few wooly things too:
First I dyed some wool rovings that I intend to spin in the near future.

Then I spun and plyed. As you can see in the picture I am not really an expert at plying yet!
And this is the end result with the 2 rovings I used in the background. If the yarn was not so scratchy I would be very pleased with it!

With the help of my DS, I dyed some sock yarn as well. I tried this time to get some spring/summer colours to match the weather.

I wish you a nice week with some mild weather.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


We have been having Easter school break for a week now and until today it has been very calm as my DS was away with the local youth group.
I managed to finish some projects and started some new ones!

This is my Thermal jumper. The part I like most about it (apart from the fit) is that the yarn cost me only 8 Euro ( about 10$) at a local clearance shop.
I sewed the top of a challenge my mother talked me into. We were given a small piece of the brown dot fabric and had to make something related to nine and/or eggs (in french neuf and oeuf sound quite alike). I picked the nine theme and sewed some nine patch of different sizes, the smallest being 3x3 cm, that´s 1x1 cm (3/8 x 3/8) for a square. The top measures 40x40 cm (16"x16").

Now I am waiting for some inspiration to get it quilted. Maybe something eggy (it is Easter after all!)
Anyway I wish you all an happy Easter with your family.