Sunday, 29 March 2009


During the last five days, the big craft fair was in town.
On Friday I spent some time demonstrating machine quilting while others were demonstrating hand quilting at the frame at our guild booth:

It was very interesting, just busy enough so that I could spend time with each interested person.
Of course I visited our LQS which had a booth as well but I did not buy anything there this time as...
I was looking for the place where they were selling spindles and it looks like I found it!
I spent time yesterday and today trying to get the hook of it. I spun some yarn and made some 2-ply.
And you know what, I love it! Even if I still have a lot of progress to do before I can spin some sock yarn (my aim!) it is not that difficult and very calming.
Now I will dye the good wool I bought and see if I get a finer and more regular yarn.

I wish you a very nice week with maybe something new to try?!

Sunday, 22 March 2009


Here are the results of last week´s workshop on scrap quilts:

One student decided to stick to one block and nearly managed to finish a top:
I like that one a lot and I hope I can see it when finished.

At the moment I am knitting that sweater on very fine needles (for a sweater!) and it is taking its time. I want to finish it soon because we have just the right weather for it now; sunny and chilly.

Next week the local huge hand craft fair is in town for 5 days. Our patchwok guild will be there too and I will demonstrate on friday morning machine quilting in the hall nr. 7 from 9.00 to 1.00.
Do please come and say hello (this especially for those of you overseas, come on I know you can make it!!)
I wish you a nice week with a lot of sunshine.

Friday, 13 March 2009


I don´t have much time this week for blogging.

My workshop on scrap quilts is tomorrow and I made some more blocks to show. I don´t intend to make a quilt out of those ones, they are only to show the students the construction of the blocks and the importance of colour placement or the lack of it!

I hope we will have fun!

On the knitting front I made a scarf and nearly finished the socks to match.
This was the first time I knitted the NORO yarn and I like it a lot. To knit the scarf and the socks I only used two skeins ( one multicoloured and one brownish). The yarn is a bit pricey but the results are very nice I think.

If the weather stays so mild, I will have no excuse on Sunday not to go in the garden and say hello to the lovely (!) bunches of nettle growing busily in every corner!

Have a nice week.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


The daffodils in the garden are growing, today I saw some blue sky, I think spring is not far!

I am busy preparing my workshop on scrap quilts for saturday in a week.
These are the blocks I have made so far. As you notice, I chose my best looking fabrics!

I want to show the participants that even with challenging fabrics, one can sew a nice looking top.

I must mention Bonnie´s site which inspired me a lot to prepare the workshop.

I also dyed some more yarn: the first two are lace yarns and the third is merino/linen. The others are normal sock yarns
Tomorrow we have our monthly quilt group meeting. Something I am looking forward to.

I wish you a nice time too looking out of the window for more signs of spring ( or for autumn for the ones down under!)