Saturday, 29 May 2010


Today is mother´s day in France. I thought the picture was very fitting as my mother is just back from Ireland where she got me (under adventurous circumstances) some raw wool for me to spin!

When Lori started her quilt along, I liked her pattern so much, I had to start a strawberry field straight away. The design is wonderful and her directions fun. I am quilting it now and as it is small, it should not take that much time to finish.

I wish you a nice sunday and a nice mother´s day whether you are in France or not!

Monday, 17 May 2010


I was not gone on holidays! But still I have not posted for a while just because I was very busy. I gave 2 quilt courses where the students were great but it was a lot to organize. Before that I had a nasty cold and so on and on...

Anyway, as you can imagine I did not sew much but I can show small things that got finished.

First a picture my parents gave me from my grand father (the young man on the left).
As the picture is very small I added some bits and pieces to make it a bit bigger.
I am very pleased with the result and as I have some more pictures you know what will happen next!

Then I sewed a small picture inspired by Janet Bolton. I have had her wonderful book for some years now but I never had the idea to create something alike. This miniquilt won´t be the last either.

And as I hve found a great shop for frames, a 48hour day is the only thing missing!

And at last a picture of the cat frightening the birds! Don´t worry it did not catch any. The birds were too clever. Mice are not that clever though!
That´s it for today. Could you send some sun if you have any where you live. I think it has gone missing here and it is just cold and wet.
Till next time!