Monday, 26 February 2007

Handbag 1

I thought I would show a bag today for a change. As said in former posts, I love taupe, grey and japanese fabrics. For a bag just right. I made this one mainly out of furniture and dress fabrics and I like how the same block looks different with different values. I made a small pocket which I attached to the inside of the bag for keys and small stuff. The leather handles are from a very old bag I bought at a flea market. I love flea markets for finding cheap handbags where I can use the handles. I have a whole collection now! When I am going to make the bags to go with them, well that is a very interesting question. Next question?!

Thanks a lot for the nice comments on my students quilts. I will pass them along.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Mystery Quilts 1

The quilt group I chair is composed of 10 charming ladies, some of them beginners, some of them advanced. It is not always easy to find something which will suit everyone.
This session I proposed a mystery quilt I had seen at Patchwork pumpkin.

I changed the measurements in cm and I gave one part of the mystery each week.
Here are some of the results. The rest will be here next week. Some of the quilts are already finished, some need to be quilted. But I think everyone is happy with the results.

Hildegard K.

Inge K.

Monika N.

Hannelore B.
(beginner, first
quilt ever, first
time rotary
Hut ab, Hannelore!

Waltraud B.

Lisl P.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

dancing log-cabins

Reading Jeanne´s blog reminded me that I had a log-cabin like the one she was talking about. I found the pattern in an old American quilter´s newsletter and as I fancy log-cabins and had never made one before, I thought I would try that one. I used quite a lot of blues and beiges from my stash and added a stripe from a quite horrible strippy fabric and a large motif one I think I bought in France. The back is of blue toile de Jouy bought in France as well. I quilted it on the machine. It was finished in Sept. 2005 and is called French Blues (!)
Thank you for all the nice comments you left on the January challenge quilt!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Challenge quilt 1

Bea, our patchwork inspirative in our local quilt group, pushes us every second year to try something completely new. This year it is calendar quilts. We are supposed to make a quilt (or quilts) to relate the year 2007.

After pondering a lot (well that´s the point, isn´t it) I decided to make a quilt book. I will sew for each month a mini quilt (12´by 12´) to reflect what happened in my life or around. January was the occasion to try Tonya´s letters. I started my blog in January and therefore the quilt. I used only scraps and I quilted it with thick cotton thread. I am thinking of adding buttons maybe with a @ if I can find some. I still don´t know what I will make for February but I am thinking hard!

Friday, 9 February 2007

Lucy´s stars

I made this wall hanging after having seen the one Lucy made.

It was a good occasion to use some of my reproduction fabrics.

I quilted that one by hand and unfortunately the marking didn´t come off the white fabric. I washed, bleached to no avail. But the fans were great and easy to quilt. After being washed, the quilt wrinkled a bit to get that old look which I like. The back was a special fabric I bought in Paris but as I had only got 50 cm (20 ´) or so (it was very wide, perhaps for bedlinen or curtain), I had to piece it.

It snowed here yesterday but it didn´t stay and I was not fast enough to take some pictures!

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

magical card case

On Monday, I received 2 issues of Quilting arts magazine. Although I am a traditional quilter when making large quilts, I like trying new products, new approaches, etc... when making small items like postcards, boxes, sewing kits, ... and this magazine is great at showing unusual ways, ideas and artists. Anyway, in the issue 24 (winter 2006) was an article from Normajean Brevik which caught my attention. It is called "Magical card case and mini-wallet" and here my result.

It is magical because when you pull the ribbon, the card (in my case the business card) pops up as if by magic.
I am showing you the back of my business card as I didn´t want to show my address and my telephone number on the net for everybody to look!
It was a fun little item to make, fast and I used some scraps! What else can you want?

Saturday, 3 February 2007


I have finished my 40 blocks. I just have to sign them and they will be on their way to Australia. They have been fun to make and now I am impatiently waiting for March when I will get a parcel from Cynthia.