Thursday, 16 February 2012


Title is an allusion to my sister´s post!

As I keep on exploring new arty paths and renovating my entrance hall.
For Christmas I asked my DH to make a new shoe rack. He obliged gracefully, if only a bit late and I was left with some sanding and painting. I like the new piece of furniture very much. Imagine before a small pine shoe cabinet with most of the shoes on the floor in a heap. Above was a older cross stiched sampler I made as I was much younger.

So new art was needed too.

And that´s what I came up with. I used wall paper, magazine bits, gesso, bubble wrap... and I had fun!

I wish I had bought bigger canvases as these ones look a bit small above the shoe shelves (they look bigger in real though). But I bet I will make some more and anything is an excuse to go to a favorite shop of mine.

Take care