Wednesday, 2 May 2012


If you have a look there and there (look especially at the dates!), you can see that this quilt was a quick birth. I will call it ALMOST POWERLESS because I hand-sewed the baskets, assembled the top on my treadle machine, hand-quilted it and only added the binding with my sewing machine.

 It is a very comfy quilt as the batting is a very thin cotton one. The reason I finished it is because I want to show it at an exhibition soon.

 Then now for something completely different. I have some left-overs from my last baby quilt project and saw something very cute somewhere on the internet. Forgot where but that was enough to inspire me and here is the result:
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

 It is not very big (20 x 25 cm or 8" x 10") but cute for a small baby room ( near Paris I should say!).

 Painting the  canvas was fun and a learning experience and who knows, maybe I will make some more for future babies!

I am having some problems getting used to the new blogspot mask so please excuse some awkward lay outs.