Friday, 23 April 2010


I can smell it. Spring is here! Although cold in the morning, the weather is getting sunnier and the garden is back to life after the dreadful long winter.
To make the garden look even more green, I hung the last shawl I knit!

I had dyed the wool some time ago, but a pattern still wanted to be found.
That´s done now. Apart from looking cheerful in my sewing room I don´t have any use for this piece at all. Maybe my mother would like it? Green looks great on her.
Although I have to prepare 2 quilt courses for may, I could not help starting another top. My excuse is that it is a very simple and fast pattern and fat quarter friendly.
I am using some of the dyed fabric I showed last time too. I don´t plan to buy any fabric for this quilt. Let see how big it will get!

I will spend the week-end in my garden looking the daisies, clover and moss taking over the lawn!
Have a nice week-end too!