Sunday, 31 August 2008


Days just fly by at the moment and I can´t seem to find time to sew something quilty.

When I have 5 minutes to spare I just sit and knit and that is the result: my version of the
"February lady sweater".

The pattern is really good. No sewing at all (apart from the buttons!). The yarn I bought in France is gorgeous. It is 100 % Alpaca and it was so cheap I had to have it.
I finished (at last!) the two thingies for my sis. They are for early foreign language learning. The fish and the flowers are attached with Velcro srips to the mats. I DO hope that she will use them.

You don´t know my sis, I do!

I hope now that I will have time to finish some quilt projects, like quilting my scrappy star top which is still hanging on my design wall or some Christmas wall hanging.

Tomorrow I want to dye some sock yarn with food coloring. I will show next time the results, whatever they look like!

I wish you a nice week.

Monday, 18 August 2008


Last week was so busy, I had to pass on quilting!

These are 3 more blocks from Bea´s BOM. I love them all!

The design is fun and allows for personal changes if you feel like it!

I did not have time to sew but I managed to knit a scraf in public transport and waiting for my DS at different sport activities.
The model is called "Morning Surf Scraf" from Spin.Off magazine.
I don´t think I will be able to do much quilting next week either as my Dear Sis ordered some fun accessories for kids. What would I do without her, I would be bored to death!

I am happy to report that my 4SSQ made it to Jeanne in good shape. This swap is now over. Thanks to Margaret, last 4 seasons have been rich in new contacts, beautiful projects shared, goodies received,...

Thanks a lot Margaret for your work and your commitment!

I wish you all a nice week.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Some parcels arrived this week.
First the beautiful summer quilt from Wendy. I am very lucky that I was her partner this season. The quilt is very, very nice. The piecing, the appliqué and the quilting are perfect. I love it and it hangs already in my sewing room. Funny that the summer quilt I made has nearly the same color scheme.

I got the autumn delivery from my yarn suscribtion with a nice extra skein (the blue one). All the colors are so yummy, I could start straight away some new socks or a scraf. I could ... if I didn´t have around 50 (!) other projects on my queue.
I finished the socks, which yarn I had dyed with Kool Aid. This time it was grape flavor.
I found the pattern at Ravelry which has around 1500 free sock pattern so it was hard to choose only one. But with the new yarn I got this week, I should be able to have a go at some more patterns.
I knitted the socks for my mum if she wants them.

School starts tomorrow after the summer break. Today we have been packing my DS´s school back pack with new exercice books, pencils,... but still enthousiasm has not appeared yet! Let´s see what the first week will bring.

I wish you a nice week too.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


As promised last week, here are some of my mum´s latest works.
The first one is a flimsy (but not for long, I know my mum!).

The second one is being quilted.
And the third one is finished. This one was a mystey from her quilt group. That means she did not know how it would look like at the end before she started. I think she did a good job with the color choices without having a clue of the end result.

Then this week, I finished my version of summer for the 4SQS. It is now on its way to ... far away!
We renovated my DS´s room this week so that I didn´t have much time for quilting. I did sew some curtains though so that I could spend some time in my sewing room! Next week should be calmer and I plan to machine quilt my scrappy stars top.

I wish you a nice week too!