Sunday, 31 August 2008


Days just fly by at the moment and I can´t seem to find time to sew something quilty.

When I have 5 minutes to spare I just sit and knit and that is the result: my version of the
"February lady sweater".

The pattern is really good. No sewing at all (apart from the buttons!). The yarn I bought in France is gorgeous. It is 100 % Alpaca and it was so cheap I had to have it.
I finished (at last!) the two thingies for my sis. They are for early foreign language learning. The fish and the flowers are attached with Velcro srips to the mats. I DO hope that she will use them.

You don´t know my sis, I do!

I hope now that I will have time to finish some quilt projects, like quilting my scrappy star top which is still hanging on my design wall or some Christmas wall hanging.

Tomorrow I want to dye some sock yarn with food coloring. I will show next time the results, whatever they look like!

I wish you a nice week.


Anne said...


yeh, first comment, I must be bored! It looks fantastic thank you! You are just the best sister ever!! Can I have another... only kidding, don't need anything else... for now!
And please don't knit me a jumper for Christmas!


Libby said...

That sounds like a fun technique . . . can't wait to see the results.

gwensmom said...

Lovely sweater! That's a really pretty colorway and I'm sure the alpaca is super soft.

I'll be checking back to see the dyeing results.

Quilty said...

Beautiful sweater , your knitting work is adorable!!

blackbearcabin said...

what a beautiful do such lovely work gwen :)

Bea said...

Da komme ich doch glatt in Versuchung wieder mit dem Stricken anzufangen... XXL ... hmmmm... kannst du mir das Muster erläutern? Runtergeladen hab ich es ja schon mal ... vorsichtshalber - grins!

Anonymous said...

A lovely sweater!

Jessica's mom said...

That is a beautiful sweater. I really like that color!

How do you play the fishing game you made for your sister?

Jessica's mom said...

I nominated you for the "I love Your Blog" award. You can pick it up at my blog anytime. :D

Quilts for Sale said...

My sister loves giving teas and now that I have found your delightful Sipping Tea and Teacup purse, I am wondering if I may have permission to make them to give her as a gift, please.

I am also very interested in your process of dyeing yarns with food colours. Love your results!