Friday, 25 July 2008


After 3 weeks of that (see above), it was time to come back home. We had a wonderful time, lots of time without kid (he was at my parents´), nice food and even some sunny weather!

In Brittany I managed to find an original fabric for the summer 4SQS and that is what I have sewed with it so far. My partner likes bright colours so I hope it is to her taste. I hope I can finish it over the week-end so that it is on the way to ... before the deadline!
On holiday I had a few magazines to read. Some I bought in Paris and some my DS and my Mum brought back from the USA. I love magazines, the only problem is that I want to start a least 2 or 3 projects per issue at once and as I did not have any sewing stuff with me, it was difficult!
At least I knitted a bit: the socks are made for my Mum (and modeled by her). We had some fun dying wool yarn with Kool Aid (here orange flavor) and I am quite happy with the result.

We dyed the other yarn with grape flavor and it turned out pale purple. I will show pictures when the socks are finished.

Next time I will show pictures of my Mum´s latest quilt works.