Sunday, 27 May 2007


This quilt was an attempt to master set-in seams! The blocks consist nearly only of set-in seams and I thought if I can´t make them aften so many blocks, I will never do! The quilt is yet another pattern from Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine and it is machine-sewed and hand-quilted. It is called En passant chez Ursel. Ursel is the owner of my LQS and she sells surprise brown bags full of scraps, mainly stripes. We buy these bags without knowing the contents and I love it. As I needed 6 or 12 shapes from the same fabric for each round of one block, I thought that was the time to use these scraps. Well, you have probably guessed by now that I love scraps and that´s a great pattern to use them.

I made 2 more magic card holders as well with the ribbons I got last week-end. These small gifts are easy to make and they are fun: once again the explanation, when you pull the small ribbon the business card pops out of the holder.

I wish you all a nice week. Here in Germany it starts well as we have a bank holiday tomorrow!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Saturday, we went to the textile fair (see my last post).We had a wonderful time. The weather held. On the morning it had been raining but as we got there, the sun was shining. Here are some impressions:

The first two pictures are from Sabine Taubert-Jüttner ´s stall. She had very nice felt objects.

A bit later I came upon Wiebke Steinwedel´s stall. She had very original cardboard boxes with felt. And I liked so much the colours and the way she had arranged everthing that I had to take a picture.

Then came Ute Senkel-Weinberg ´s stall. She had wonderful cross-stiched and petit-point works. Not that I would do something like that but very nice to look at. I still bought some variegated embroidery thread for a redwork.

As I saw Dagmar Clever´s stall I had to take a picture! I didn´t buy any fabric though.

Then I went to Frauke Kafka´s stall for ribbons. I bought some wide and narrow ones of different colours. It is difficult to choose as they are all so lovely.

Finally I found Birgit Schauer´s stall where I bought some perls. Only 4, not all these ones!
At a book stall, I also bought a japanese patchwork magazine. I can´t resist these ones!
All in all it was a lovely day and I will certainly go back next year if I can.

Thursday, 17 May 2007


I have been trying new settings with my camera! I am quite happy with the results, especially with the picture of the poppy. Red and purple, that´s an inspiration for a quilt! I love roses and that one was given to me by some dear friends. The bush is big (over 2 meters, or 7 feet), it is very robust against deseases and it has flowers the whole summer. Plus the roses smell lovely.

I have been making some bags or pouches. Danijela has been making some lovely ones as well and Fiona too. I think I saw some on a french blog as well but I can´t remember where! The blue one was made with some left-over triangles from my sampler blocks and the grey one with a nice wide ribbon from a local weaving mill. On Saturday I am going to a textile fair where this weaving mill will be present as well as stores with hats, perls, buttons, felt, wool, etc... I will try to take pictures and not to spend too much!

Friday, 11 May 2007


Today I will show you my red quilt (the one for our TV-room). It is hand-sewed (apart from the borders) and hand-quilted. I got the model from an "Australian Patchwork and Quilting" magazine. It is a scrap quilt and my motto for scrap quilts being "if no ugly fabrics then no interesting", there are some very ugly fabrics in it. Some bed linen and some aprons from my MIL made their way into this quilt as well. The border is a home dyed damask table cloth a friend gave me.

The sampler blocks are for my actual patchwork course. They are 12" x 12"( which I think is huge !).Some are machine-appliquéed. They will each get a narrow frame of blue fabric and be quilted-as-you-go.

I wish you all a nice week-end. Here it seems that winter has come back so it will be a cosy time with some hand-quilting!

Friday, 4 May 2007


Last night we had our monthly patchwork group meeting. It was fun, we saw very nice quilts, had dozens of lists going around for projects, tours, courses,... I wonder if I really wrote down all the dates and things I am suppose to take part in!
Well today I will show different things which don´t have much to do with one another but are still worth showing (I think!).

First the socks: I had bought some wool in March and of course I can´t wait till next winter so here I am, knitting socks in May with temperatures much higher than usual and still no rain. A funny thing, Diane is knitting socks as well and the pattern looks much the same. Is there a sock bug going around?

Second, the inchies: I wanted to try this because when I go on holiday I think it is something I will be able to do with my mother (quilter) and my sister (no quilter, no sewer) as a girls-get-together thing. I will prepare some more and bring all my embellishments with me and on holiday (in France at the sea) we can find some more interesting stuff like seashells. I am looking forward to that.

Third, the little house: I made this one after seeing many japanese houses in a magazine about a japanese patchwork exhibition. The house is hand appliquéed and the whole is hand quilted. It is about 4"3/4 x 6" 3/4.

The last picture is the mystery quilt from Waltraud Gr.. It is the result of a course I gave last winter. Look here to see more of them. I like the colours Waltraud chose. It would be perfect in MY TV-room but I don´t think Waltraud agrees!
Some people asked how big the minis were I showed in the last post but one. They are 4"x 5,5".
I wish you all a nice week-end with a lot of time for your projects!