Saturday, 10 March 2007

Mystery quilts 2

Here are 2 more mystery quilts made by my students:



I think all the students had fun in that session although it seemed like a lot of pieces to cut to start with, especially for the beginners. Some of them bought fabric on purpose, some used their stash, some made it square, some made it rectangle. I think the quilts reflect the quilters personality even if they are not aware of it. Now I have to think out a new project for the new session beginning in the middle of April.

The third quilt was our lottery learning quilt: At the beginning of each session, I teach my students a cutting method with fabric from my stash. Each student makes 2 or 3 blocks that they piece together to make a quilt top. The top was won this time by Marianne, she added the borders and machine quilted it.

P.S. for my little sister: no I haven´t started sewing your throw yet, well there is still some time til May, isn´t there!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The mystery quilts are stunning and the lottery quilt is wonderful! You are a great teacher.

anne bebbington said...

Hi Gwen - thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog - which part of Germany are you from?

Wendy said...

The quilts look fantastic! I love the layout of the lottery quilt.

What a great idea for "Bag 2", turn a ugly bag into something beautiful. I love what you did with the applique.

Dawn said...

Very fun mystery quilts!