Monday, 23 February 2009


I won´t bore you anymore about the murky weather we are still having here! You know how it goes by now: snow, ice, ...

So I tried to do something against it: I knitted a beret for me ( my DH has already got one) and my DS does not want one!
That´s the Relm Tam from
Knit.1. I knitted it with the left-overs from the cardigan I showed last week.

And I finished my Marlene socks from the same magazine as mentioned above.
The yarn is 100% Merino wool and very warm.

Yesterday my DS and I dyed some more sock yarn. This is a great way to learn a bit about colour theory. Take yellow and blue to get green is simple enough but it becomes a bit more complicated when it goes to how to transform a yukky brown into a warm caramel brown!
Pictures of the results next time.

I learned today that I will teach a workshop on scrap quilts in two weeks time. So now I have to sew some sampler blocks and work on the course of events, busy week ahead!
I wish you a nice week with a lot of time for crafty projects.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


This week has been quite busy and that´s why I did not post earlier.

In between I could squeeze some sewing and I made a little purse/pouch for my mum. She wanted one for a project at her quilt group. I hope she likes it.
As the weather is still so cold (see the snow in the background!) I did some knitting too. Another top-down cardigan with no sewing involved, apart from the buttons. I found the pattern in a knitting magazine called knit.1. I have some yarn left and so I am knitting a slouch out of it from the same issue. I am knitting some socks too from that magazine so you could say it was worth the buy!

I will show pictures of those 2 projects next time.

I dyed some more yarn too. I tryed to get more masculine colours this time, except of course for the purple/orange one!
Tomorrow I will give a workshop on machine quilting and I hope to show the results next time too.
In the meanwhile I wish you all a nice week-end.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


We have a lucky winner: Joyce! My DS put his hand in the bag and out came this piece of paper.
I will send Joyce some fabric as it seems that she loves them!

I want to thank you all for the nice comments you left on the last post. I hope to keep on sewing, knitting and reading lots of blogs for many years to come!

Last week I went to Ursel´s LQS. It moved to a bigger, brighter, nicer location with lots of big windows. If only I did not have to go to work, I think I could visit the shop everyday!

Anyway, of course I did not leave the shop empty-handed. I plan to make a it-bag (!) out of that lovely fabric.

Tomorrow is our monthly quilt group meeting. I hope to see many nice works there.

If only the snow would stop! You know what, I think I am getting allergic to snow! And in Australia it is much too hot. I wish I could send Carol some snow flakes with her yarn!

I wish you a nice week with mild weather!