Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Tomorrow we are going away on holiday. We are looking forward to it.
Before we go, some pictures to keep you waiting until we are back!
My brown top is growing. The blocks won´t stay in that order but I like seeing them on my "design wall". I can check the size better that way.

And now for something completely different!
My DS likes drawing so some time ago we went to a great shop to get some material. The place was so inspiring that I had to buy things for me too. And then I discovered Danny Gregory and his books.
From then on there was no come back! I have started keeping an illustrated journal.
There is still a (very!) long road to go before I can achieve anything good but the way is the goal! It is fun, very rewarding I think and it makes me watch things in a different way.

Of course my son (10) doesn´t spare his critics but that´s ok. We both learn that way.

That´s it for now. I hope to draw more on holiday and to have lots to show when we come back.

Have a nice summer

Friday, 2 July 2010


Work, hot weather and more work, that´s all there is here at the moment. Only 2 weeks til summer break and 4 weeks holiday!

On the commuter train I can do some knitting and I finished this Lady Kina quite quickly. The pattern is great and easy. The yarn I had chosen was a pain in the a*** though. It is a cotton/ bamboo blend not at all elastic and very difficult to unknit or to sew.

Still, I like the result!

At home I added a stitchery border to my confetti top.

I will start the quilting after the holidays. I am tending towards a machine quilting. But we will see.

I wish you a nice week-end with nice temperatures.