Monday, 29 March 2010


It seems that the blog wants to cooperate today. I tried to post yesterday and it just would not work!
Anyway, one quilt finished!

I quilted it with a variegated cotton thread with tulip motives. I used a fusible batting for that one and it was a nice experience. I did not have to baste anything. I just ironed the top to the batting, turned it over and ironed the back to the batting. They all stuck all together long enough for me to machine quilt in the ditch.
The quilt has been washed and it feels like normal cotton batting now.

A friend of mine has her birthday soon. As I infected her with the knitting virus I sewed her a bag for putting her knitting needles in. I bought some needles too to put in the bag so she can have more projects on the go!

And this is what I made with the 80´s fabrics I STILL have around. I dyed them.
Here are the original colours:

That was the first batch with a mixture of several dyes I had at hand.
And the second batch with a brown dye.
It is very interesting to see how the different fabrics absorb the dye. They were all put together in the washing machine and still there are so many shades. I am very happy with the result and I am sure I can use those colours more easily than the original ones.

I wish you all an happy Easter!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Remember that top?! Well, I decided to finish the quilt which it was supposed to become sooner or later. As the top was an attempt to reduce my 80´s /90´s fabrics, I chose to piece the back too:

Then I added some prairie points (that uses up some fabric too!)

And now I am quilting it. I hope to finish it soon.

The problem is that I still have yards of that kind of fabrics. But I tried some experiment with some of it. More of that next time!

On my commuter train I can´t quilt so I knitted some more socks. These are made of my own spun yarn with that pattern.
They fit really well which is just perfect as it is freezing cold over here.

I wish you a nice time in early spring.