Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Remember that top?! Well, I decided to finish the quilt which it was supposed to become sooner or later. As the top was an attempt to reduce my 80´s /90´s fabrics, I chose to piece the back too:

Then I added some prairie points (that uses up some fabric too!)

And now I am quilting it. I hope to finish it soon.

The problem is that I still have yards of that kind of fabrics. But I tried some experiment with some of it. More of that next time!

On my commuter train I can´t quilt so I knitted some more socks. These are made of my own spun yarn with that pattern.
They fit really well which is just perfect as it is freezing cold over here.

I wish you a nice time in early spring.


julieQ said...

Awesome!! You spun the yarn too? How wonderful, and the socks are so pretty. You are doing a great job of using up stash,your quilt is lovely!

Sarah said...

We are finally getting our first signs of spring, but not so early as usual! I hope the season catches up to you soon.

Pat said...

Your work is wonderful. Great. Your socks are super also. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anne said...

Hello wonderfully talented sister. So where is my little frame then !!
You could have shaved your legs before you took the picture of the socks !! Only kidding, lovely socks. Busy starting my vegetable patch. Daddy, mummy, hellllppppp!!
Hope the great british weather reaches you soon.

Anonymous said...

Love your socks but mostly, I love the quilt you are making to use up your 80s/90s stash! I was ready to throw a lot of this stuff away. Maybe I will rethink that decision! Nice work!

Elizabeth said...

I remember that quilt! The pieced compliments it so well too, perhaps that is the answer to my problem of to many 3.5" baby clothes squares. Great call as usual on that multicolored thread.

I'm loving those cables on our socks.

Shasta said...

Looks like a great way to use up your old fabric. Great pattern choice.

Marie France said...

Bon courage pour le quilting qui est très beau.Nous attendons de voir le patch terminé.Bon courage.