Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I needed a new bag like a hole in the head! There are quite a few persons among my friends and family without Christmas presents and still, what did I do last week-end? I had a look at some japanese quilting books and then no one could stop me!
So this is the result. Mind you, I only used my stash, the magnet closure is from a second-hand bag as is the shoulder strap too.

The apple-cores are hand-sewed and hand-quilted and the rest is machine-sewed. To hide the back zipper I used a ribbon from my collection.

So now I have even less time for presents!
Last week I managed to finish the cushion covers for my DS. She had given me the fabric and the trims in October.
On the picture the green colour is not true, all the greens are about the same, not blueish nor bright. The fabric is silk and furnishing material.
As I am not working tomorrow, I intend to work on another cushion cover for my little nephew. Something with a digger or a tractor I reckon!
I wish you a nice week.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Here the innocent (!) hand of my DS:

And NADINE is the happy winner! I wish you fun with the give-away.

I have to thank you all for leaving so nice comments on my Blog-anniversary.I am sure I will have as much fun reading all your blogs as I have had in the past. You are a great bunch!

The following pictures are from the participants of the workshop on fabric postcards I gave last week-end. The students all had great ideas and they can be proud of the result.

Only 30 days til Christmas, arhg!, I ´ll better be going and get some more presents ready!
I wish you all a nice week.

Monday, 12 November 2007

50th. POST

Today is my 50th post and to celebrate, I have a give-away! Leave a comment until next Sunday, the 18th of November, 24.00 o´clock and you will take part in the drawing.
I tried to put in the packet some local stuff: the ribbons are from here, the home-spun from there. The big piece of fabric (2 yards but only 28" wide is from France).

After 10 months of blogging, I can´t imagine life without it! I have met (if only virtually) so many nice women who show so beautiful work and who are always ready to answer a question. Through the 4 SQS and other rings, I have seen the generosity of still some more women and through the drawings on other blogs I was inspired to give back a bit of that generosity to you.
So please, do leave a comment!

The next picture is the result of the Christmas mystery my students achieved. I got the pattern from here and it was really fun to do. The pattern looks great in every combination.

The week-end was very busy (see last post) but full of quilts and other treats. The guild meeting was very nice with a long show and tell and many different quilts in all sizes and styles.The hand craft market was interesting too. That is what I brought back from the two: some fabrics, embroidery floss and some bone-china beads.
I only have to transform some of these into Christmas presents now!

I wish you a nice week and good luck with the drawing.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


A new little stitchery was finished this week (between 2 cushions for my DS!). I don´t know yet what will become of it, maybe for a bag or as the center of a quilt,... Other ideas are welcome!

I made a AMC too as I am teaching a workshop about AMC and Inchies in 2 weeks time. It was the first time I tried 2 things: first I crayoned the background with pastel pencils (here they are called aquarelle pencils, just normal ones for paper), I then dabbed some water on it, being watchful not to mix the colours and then I ironed it dry. I don´t know if it is washable but then I don´t really mind, I am not going to wash my AMCs! Second I needle felted the roses. No, I don´t have an embelisher and I don´t plan to buy one either! I just felted with a felt needle until the wool stayed on the fabric and then I machine-quilted the lot.
I will certainly use the 2 methods again.

Something not quilty: we have got a new fellow occupent! This cat is from a neighbour down the road but it seems she wanted to change home and so now she has adopted us! She is a very good mice hunter and therefore we are very happy with it. She is not shy at all and guess where she prefers to have a nap! Quilts, quilted cushions, or my lap are all what she needs to fall asleep straight away.

Next week-end will be packed: on Saturday I am going to our regional guild meeting (more than 80 participants with usually a big show and tell) and on Sunday I will be visiting a local craft fair (new to me) to find maybe some goodies (remember CHRISTMAS!).
Talking about goodies, my next post is my 50th, so stay tuned if you want a bit of Christmas in November!