Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I needed a new bag like a hole in the head! There are quite a few persons among my friends and family without Christmas presents and still, what did I do last week-end? I had a look at some japanese quilting books and then no one could stop me!
So this is the result. Mind you, I only used my stash, the magnet closure is from a second-hand bag as is the shoulder strap too.

The apple-cores are hand-sewed and hand-quilted and the rest is machine-sewed. To hide the back zipper I used a ribbon from my collection.

So now I have even less time for presents!
Last week I managed to finish the cushion covers for my DS. She had given me the fabric and the trims in October.
On the picture the green colour is not true, all the greens are about the same, not blueish nor bright. The fabric is silk and furnishing material.
As I am not working tomorrow, I intend to work on another cushion cover for my little nephew. Something with a digger or a tractor I reckon!
I wish you a nice week.


atet said...

You may not need the new purse -- but it sure is cute! You could say you were making the purse for yourself for Christmas! Love the cushion covers as well.

Anonymous said...

Woaw, Gwen, your bag is absolutely wonderful. I love the "Trognons de pomme" !

Anne Ida said...

Ohhh, I love your bag, Gwen! Those japanese books can be dangerous to start flipping through *lol* But way to go on using your stash!

The cushion covers looks wonderful - I'm sure your DS will love them!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm really attracted to the Apple Core, I've considered using that design for a charm quilt; the bag looks GREAT! When I think about how much time would be required to hand piece those Apple Cores I don't imagine I will ever do a whole quilt that way, though. Your cushions are stunning, too!

Jenny said...

I know how that is. In my mind I've gotten my Xmas presents complete. In reality, nada!

Dawn said...

Oh that purse is beautiful! I love it! Sure - make me want to make one!

Katherine said...

Wow! This bag is gorgeous! I can see why that pattern was such a temptation. What is the title of the book you got the idea from?

Andrea said...

Look on it as a Christmas gift to yourself Gwen. It is gorgeous and Christmas is ages away - lol !

Rose Marie said...

Playing hooky is such fun .... but what a great purse and cushions!

Anne said...


Your DS here. Not sure about the bag but what lovely cushions!! Well done, can't wait for Christmas!

Love from torrential rain in the uk