Monday, 3 December 2007


The month of December has started and with it our Advent calendar.
The quilt we use for that effect is an older one (about 10 years old) from a Fons and Porter book, with a lot of buttons. The quilt is scrappy, machine sewed, hand appliquéed in buttonhole stitch (before child time!) and hand quilted.

It hangs the whole year long in our kitchen and brings a bit of colour on a white wall but in December it looks like this:

The buttons come very handy! I don´t think Fons and Porter had thought about that when the created the model!
The little bags are full of treats like tatoos, playmobil, tapes and sweets. The big yellow bag is for St Nicolas on the 6th of December with two treats!

On my free day last week, I sewed the cushion for my nephew. I got the pattern for the digger from a colouring page. It is machine appliquéed and machine sewed.
That´s one more Christmas present finished!

Tomorrow I wanted to do some shopping for some more pressies but my DS is sick with a bad cold and a nasty cough so I think we will stay indoor, drink a lot of herbal tea with honey and make some Christmas decoration.
I wish you a nice week.


Anne said...


Hey, I am the first one to write this time. Yes I probably have far too much time in my hands. Well, I like everything this week. If you are bored some time next year, you can make me two advent calendars and I am sure Harry will love his new cushion! What have I started, may be he will have a thing about cushions when he grows up!!

Lots of love from sunny England,

Your DS Anne

Bea said...

Gute Besserung an deinen Sohn und hoffentlich sehen wir uns dann am Donnerstag???!!!
Cute Advent calendar!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I LOVE Harry's 'little digger' cushion. Well done, Gwen! My machine stitched angels are for tree decorations for family and friends. They also make nice card "inserts" as they weigh nothing and go through the mail effortlessly! Your advent tree is wonderful, hope DS improves it's not fun to be sick at this time of year. (Well, it's never fun to be sick at all, really!!)

gwensmom said...

What a pretty Advent calendar. But how do you keep the little ones from opening all the bags when you're not looking?

Libby said...

What a darling advent calendar quilt . . . every year I have on my list to make one. Someday *s*

atet said...

Oh what a wonderful idea for an advent calendar -- hmmnn...I really like that...not that it would get done for this year, but for next year, it has possibilities!

luv Abby said...

ohhhh... I love your pillow.... what a great idea. I am going to make one for my stepson to take home with him yay... thanx for the inspiration!!
luv Abby

Rose Marie said...

Love the advent calendar and how you have it hanging up the whole year round!

Grazia said...

Hi Gwen,
It'a very cute advent calendar panel!!!!
I like very much the's so happy!!!!