Friday, 4 February 2011


Winter lasting a bit longer than I like, I tried to bring some spring at home. Inspired by this lady, I sewed first a square to see how it goes. I am glad I made first a small quilt as I learned a few things in the process.

But I like it and I think I will make a table runner out of the rest of the fabric. I can imagine it will look good with some fresh flowers on top. Spring can arrive!

I made another sketchbook, this time for my favorite niece (mind you, I have just one at the moment!) as she is a keen sketcher.

I had fun playing with gesso and gel medium, making the green paper.
I made a drawing of a lady to send with the book and you can see there what my niece and her mother thought about it ( as I have said before I am just a beginner!)

I started a new jumper out of recycled wool which I hope to show next time.
Til then have a nice time.