Saturday, 28 November 2009


I know, the post title is not original! Just to remind you and me that we don´t have that much time left to make presents.
Today I will show all the steps from rovings to shawl.

First the two wool braids, dyed by me.The left one is blue faced leicester and the right plain German domestic sheep.

Then the one ply on the spinning wheel.
And then the finished object, a shawl with one detail below.
It was an enjoyable project and I learned a lot during the spinning.

Next is a small shawl I knitted from a sock yarn that I had dyed some time ago.

Maybe that one will become a Christmas present for someone (dear sis, don´t worry not for you!)
I will go back to my knitting now as I have had some special requests ( not only from my sis but from my niece too, like mother, like daughter I would say!)

I wish you a peaceful first Advent.


Saturday, 7 November 2009


Things are getting repetitive here:

Yet another picture of my confetti blocks. I want to add one more row and then I can start thinking about the border.

These are the second pair of mits I knitted for my sister as she lost the first ones!

And this afternoon I made some jam like last year at the same time. This is pumpkin, vanilla and caramel (that´s just because the sugar burnt a bit!). It tastes nice though.
I ordered some wool from the UK so that I can dye and spin more. So expect some colours in the next post!

I wish you a nice week.