Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Hello from Winterland! It keeps on snowing here since Easter. All the best to keep inside and sew and/or knit.

The quilt is my mother´s work for a new baby boy she knows of.

My mother added some trapunto to some of the quilting and I think it turned out very fine. (well she is not MY mother for nothing!!)

This week I finished the first pullover for me for a long time. It seems that after some socks and 2 Icarus shawls, the knitting bug came back to me!

The sweater is the "cosy V-neck pullover with deep ribbing" from the book "Fitted Knits" by Stefanie Japel.

I like it very much! It is very warm (which is good as I am always cold) and the yarn (organic sheep wool) is very soft, not at all scrachy. Plus it only cost me 25 Euro! It is knitted from the top-down and I love the fact that it has no seam on the side.

Now I am making the next one from the book. As I said the knitting bug is back!

For those of you who like stitchery and patchwork, Jutta has started a kind of mystery stitchery to download. Please enjoy!
I wish you some nice weather to sew.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


My 4SSQ is finished. It is quite lush and bright and now I wonder what I will sew then for summer. (In real it is a true rectangle, my photographic capabilities are still to be improved!)

This week I also knitted some Primavera socks. I had the yarn from my spring suscribtion and it looked much lighter unknitted. I would not say that these are my favorite colour combination but they don´t look that bad with denim.

I started a jumper from the "Fitted Knits" book and so far it fits! More pictures next week.

I wish you all a Happy Easter with a lot of chocolate bunnies and ladybirds (what we have in Germany) or chocolate church bells (what we have in France). I will eat them all as long as it is dark chocolate!

Thursday, 13 March 2008


Today, I got up at 5.00 AM to go to work and after that I went to the market I was talking about in the last post. But before I go to bed I wanted to show what I bought and some other pictures.

This is my second Icarus shawl. It is plain wool and so a bit scrachier than the first but I like the colour. I wonder if I will keep it or give it away and knit yet another one for me with space dyed yarn. We will see. It is not as if I didn´t have any other project on the go!

The next picture is of the lottery quilt top in my students quilt group.
Monika N. was the very happy (you should have seen her!) winner of it. I gave her enough fabric to add at least two borders.

Then my students made a lot of bag packs! Sorry the picture is blurred. Too many excited women on one spot, I reckon!

From left to right and from top to bottom: Helga, Lisa (made a tote), Lisl, Waltraud, Inge (could not stop and made 2!), Monika and Jutta.
What I liked with that project is that each made her pack out of different fabrics, there are upholstery, corduroy, silk, denim and curtain fabrics here!

Then what I bought at the market. I didn´t buy any fabric! I tried to but they did not seem to have any repro fabric. It seems they are not so popular in Germany.So instead I got some embroidery floss for my Bea´s BOM project and for some future ones.

I also got some ribbons from my favorite ribbon weave mill and some cute buttons (which were reduced!).Finally I purchased some knitting bamboo needles as I could not find any Knit Picks.

This year the hit was pearls, beads and home made juwelery. They were everywhere. But I don´t need to start a new hobby so I avoided them!

That´s all for today. I won´t stay much longer up. I can hear my bed calling me!

I wish you a nice evening and an inspiring week-end.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Bea´s third BOM is finished! I have run out of embroidery floss, but fortunately we have next week our yearly CREATIVA where this kind of floss is sold.

I am thinking of a few other items to put on the list like batting, knitting needles, maybe some yarn and of course 2 or 3 (sic!) fat quarters. I can´t spend so much this year because of the last repair on my sewing machine. Still it is usually fun and I can spend a nice day with a dear friend of mine.

At the beginning of the week I received the name of my partner for my 4SQS for spring. As you can see the center of the top is done. I made it with a charm pack from Moda called "chez moi", very fitting for a french woman like me!

Although I would not have bought bigger pieces of those fabrics (not really my usual colour choice) I see now the potential of the design. I think it has something from "Blended Quilts". Maybe my shopping list for the CREATIVA is growing afterall!

I will frame the center with a fresh green fabric and then hand-quilt it with some variegated embroidery floss.

My second Icarus shawl is growing too. I am on the last 25 rows with more than 400 stitches per row. I hope to finish it this week-end.

I am off now going to look at the blogs taking part in the 4SQS and get an idea of spring! Have a nice time!