Thursday, 13 March 2008


Today, I got up at 5.00 AM to go to work and after that I went to the market I was talking about in the last post. But before I go to bed I wanted to show what I bought and some other pictures.

This is my second Icarus shawl. It is plain wool and so a bit scrachier than the first but I like the colour. I wonder if I will keep it or give it away and knit yet another one for me with space dyed yarn. We will see. It is not as if I didn´t have any other project on the go!

The next picture is of the lottery quilt top in my students quilt group.
Monika N. was the very happy (you should have seen her!) winner of it. I gave her enough fabric to add at least two borders.

Then my students made a lot of bag packs! Sorry the picture is blurred. Too many excited women on one spot, I reckon!

From left to right and from top to bottom: Helga, Lisa (made a tote), Lisl, Waltraud, Inge (could not stop and made 2!), Monika and Jutta.
What I liked with that project is that each made her pack out of different fabrics, there are upholstery, corduroy, silk, denim and curtain fabrics here!

Then what I bought at the market. I didn´t buy any fabric! I tried to but they did not seem to have any repro fabric. It seems they are not so popular in Germany.So instead I got some embroidery floss for my Bea´s BOM project and for some future ones.

I also got some ribbons from my favorite ribbon weave mill and some cute buttons (which were reduced!).Finally I purchased some knitting bamboo needles as I could not find any Knit Picks.

This year the hit was pearls, beads and home made juwelery. They were everywhere. But I don´t need to start a new hobby so I avoided them!

That´s all for today. I won´t stay much longer up. I can hear my bed calling me!

I wish you a nice evening and an inspiring week-end.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The shawl is stunning! The lottery quilt is just great, I'm sure the winner was thrilled to pieces... I would be!! Your purchases are wonderful, love those woven ribbons, very nice!

gwensmom said...

I love the pic with all the backpacks!

Also, I must tell you that the pic of the fall quilt you made for me is the "most popular" on my Flickr photostream.

Katjaquilt said...

The shawl is wonderful. I finished Ene in January but Ikarus is worth thinking.

Libby said...

What an adorable photo of the ladies and their backpacks . . . I can almost here the chatters and giggles.

atet said...

Your shawl is beautiful, your students do wonderful work, and I am so jealous of the goodies you found at the market! Those flosses are beautiful as well as the ribbons and buttons. What fun!

the happy quilter said...

The shawl is fabulous, you must have such patience to do such fine work.

Marcie said...

Beautiful shawl. You do lovely work. What a great idea to have a lottery for the blocks from your class. No wonder the ladies were excited!

trelly said...

I like your blog and you look like a nice person. I just added your blog to my list of blogs to read, on my blog. Gracias, un abrazo

Suhe said...

Wow, this shawl is amazing. Beautiful Work.

Chookyblue...... said...

always worth getting up early to go to markets.....beautiful shawl

Lea said...

Oh, Gwen, I love those backpacks!!! Those are soooo cute!
and Lottery quilt is so lovely. What a fun idea! I love it. *S*