Tuesday, 20 October 2009


It is mid-term over here and we used our free time to spend some days there.
It was fun, especially for my DS and we had wonderful sunny weather if only a bit too cold.
In the meantime, I knitted and knitted and ...

First I made a bolero thingy. It is very light (only a bit over 50 gr or 2 oz) and a nice blend of kid mohair and silk. Pure luxury!

Then I knitted a wrap out of wool which was given to me (always the best!)
It is the right thing to wear right now as it is very chilly in the mornings when I go to work and it fits well over a suit.
Then with the yarn I had shown last time (the thick one), I knitted a bowl which I felted. It is practical to put some more yarn and if the weather gets really cold I can wear it as a hat! ( it reminds me, my sister wanted a hat, I wonder if ...!)

In the two free days I still have, I intend to spin, to dye and to sew more confetti blocks. I wonder if I will manage all that.

I wish you nice autumn days with sun , sewing and knitting.