Monday, 26 January 2009


It is already 2 years ago that I started the blog. And my 100th post was 2 weeks ago. Time flies.

If I look back at what I did this year, I notice that my interest has a bit shifted. More wool, less fabric. It does not mean that I don´t like quilting anymore, I do! But knitting and dyeing yarn have come on top of that. Where do I ask to have more than 24 hours in a day?!

Anyway, to thank you all out there who are reading my blog and leaving nice comments (it is just my sis who leaves silly comments and she won´t take part in the draw because she would not know what to do with what there is to win!) I will organize a give-away.

But first I would like to thank the first 2 persons who commented on my blog: Bea and Carol. Both of them are still regular readers and don`t appear to get fed up of my quilting and knitting ramblings.

I knitted Bea some socks and she seemed to like them. Carol, I will mail you for the details.

For the rest of you, you have one week to leave a comment to take part in the give-away. I won´t show you what there is to win as I don´t know yet! I will decide according to who wins, wether she likes more wooly things or more fabricy (!) things or both.

This week some more yarn got colours. I had ordered new dyes and I had to try them as soon as I could.
I stitched one more block of Bea´s BOM. I have now 12 of them and I think that´s enough.
I will ponder a bit longer to see if I get more ideas to sew them together. At the moment I am thinking of some kind of off-centered log cabin blocks.

I wish you a nice week and I keep my fingers crossed for the draw.

Sunday, 18 January 2009


I was quilting along with quite a lot of pushing and pulling as the backing is a coarse old bed sheet when I had a look at the back!
After 2 hours of ripping and some of these (well quite a lot actually!) to calm my nerves,
the quilting is finished.

I will send the quilt back to my mum for her to put the binding on.

Even the back does not look that bad anymore!

This week the temperatures are back to normal, the snow is gone. No more mopping the floor twice a day to get rid of all the dirt. That means more time left to quilt and knit!
I wish you a nice week. I will ignore the comments on the nice weather on some other parts of the world, they would only make me jealous!

Saturday, 10 January 2009


It snowed last monday and the snow is still here and it is freezing cold!
Fortunately I had knitted a tam for my DH for Christmas.

The children are having fun with their slides but can´t stay outside too long as it is freezing cold.

This week I did not have to go to work everyday. Instead I enjoyed dyeing some sock yarn.
I could not go outside as it is so cold ( oh I have already told you that, well never mind!).
Do go and have a look at the new BOM Bea is having. It looks very promising. I wonder when or if that woman sleeps!
Next thursday we are having our monthly quilt group meeting and I plan to machine quilt my mother´s top. Some things to look forward to instead of that **** freezing cold weather!

I wish you some warm place for this week.
P.S. : I think I forgot to say that the temperatures were playing crazy here and that I have to put on 5 layers of clothes when I go outside!