Sunday, 18 January 2009


I was quilting along with quite a lot of pushing and pulling as the backing is a coarse old bed sheet when I had a look at the back!
After 2 hours of ripping and some of these (well quite a lot actually!) to calm my nerves,
the quilting is finished.

I will send the quilt back to my mum for her to put the binding on.

Even the back does not look that bad anymore!

This week the temperatures are back to normal, the snow is gone. No more mopping the floor twice a day to get rid of all the dirt. That means more time left to quilt and knit!
I wish you a nice week. I will ignore the comments on the nice weather on some other parts of the world, they would only make me jealous!


Bea said...

Tolle Leistung!
Und kleine Hindernisse lassen uns doch an der Arbeit wachsen - oder nicht???!!!
Liebe Grüße

gwensmom said...

oh that is awful! You must have been ripping forever. The end result was well worth it- what a gorgeous quilt!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Wow this quilt is wonderful! Sorry you had problems with the backing - but boy the quilt is wonderful!

Schnibbeleien said...

Hey - sieht klasse aus - und die kleine "Panne" hast Du doch toll wieder hinbekommen ;-)))

Marie France said...

Dommage que ce quilting t'ai donné tant de travail mais le résultat me semble très bien.J'ai hate de le voir.
Bisous et merci.

Elizabeth A. said...

Beautiful job on the quilt. What a horror it must have been to flip it over and see those puckers. Mean old things, didn't they know you were working hard and should stay away?

Your treats look especially good, nothing like a bit of food for the soul to make everything feel a bit brighter.

Katjaquilt said...

Hi Gwen, the quilt looks wonderful. I wish I could do any machine quilting, but you did a perfect job.
I don't like this weather either. But I often read blogs of australian quilters. Did you see how hot it is out there? The have to water the plants, cook jam, got to the beach, it is too hot to knit. So we are lot better off these days: we can just sit and knit and quilt and warm us with warm tea ;-)
Hugs Katja

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've just done some rip rip rip on the backing too after quilting in a few puckers...It's a horrible feeling, but it's worth fixing. Well Done for getting it finished!

Karen said...

The quilt turned out really well. I like the pattern used. And the back of the quilt looks great. I have always heard that sheets were not good to use for backing because the weave is too tight.

Libby said...

How frustrating to find a problem with the backing. I have a quilt with a similar problem . . . . rather than ripping, I added some strategic applique to the back *s* Something to keep in mind if it ever happens again. Still all that work brought you a beauty of a quilt.

Carol said...

Absolutely spectacular.

Anne said...

Hello from Sunny England, well, between the rain storms anyway!
Better say I like the quilt since it is mum's!! But much prefer the look of the cakes!! Any left?!