Saturday, 29 December 2007


My 4SSQ is finished! I need to wash it and then I will post it in about 2 weeks´time. So I still have 2 weeks to enjoy it. I hand-quilted it as my parents were here and we had some fun deciding on the binding. We tried red, yellow, light grey, dark grey, etc ... each time with one of us not agreeing with the others!

At the end, I chose one we had not thought about! I will put the label on with the title " Winter trip around the world" ( how original!).

It is very interesting to see what the others are coming up with in the winter swap and I am very impatient to receive my quilt!
In the meanwhile, I want to wish you all
a happy new year !

P.S.: There has been very many visitors on my blog the last two days from some yahoo quilt list it seems. Could any of these visitors please tell me who recommended my blog and why. I am curious! And if they have any question, I will be very pleased to answer.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Winter is here at last and it is COLD! Maybe we will have a white Christmas if we are lucky.

The top for the Winter Swap is finished. I chose Trip around the world as the quilt will have to travel a long way before reaching THE RECIPIENT!
I have started hand-quilting it and so far I like it so much, I will probably make it once more for me to keep. The colours reflect my feeling in winter, a bit melancolic, the days are short, the sun rare but there are still nice days (hence the yellow) and the warmth of my home (the red).

I finished stitching this funny stitchery too and today I went to my LQS to get some red fabric to frame it. I wanted to have it finished before Christmas!
At the LQS, I bought some nice stuff for my Mum (sorry no picture there, it is for Christmas!) and I met a reader of my blog who I didn´t know. It was very nice to get some feed-back and encourages me to post on.
My parents are coming over to spend next week with us and so I don´t think I will have much time to post next week and that´s why I wish you all now

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


It seems on the quilt blog world that everybody is busy sewing hundreds of wonderful presents! I can hear the sewing machines purring!

This quilt hangs at Christmas time in our living-room. In real the colours are warmer and the wall is vanilla. It is machine sewed and hand quilted.
I got the pattern from there. It is in german but the drawings are easy to understand. If problems, please contact me!

Then I have been making some Christmas decoration:

They are made out of felt and hand stitched. They are great small presents to thank special persons and also they are nice bring-alongs to Advent coffees.

Then I made some bags to put presents in. I won the panel fabric at Nadine´s and I thought it would be just right to use it that way. I even used the border pattern as a ribbon! These bags will prevent having to wrap up to many presents and save on paper too!

Last week my DS was sick with a cold and now I have it. So for the next week, or the next 7 days with medicine (saying at our place!), I will go around with a running nose.

I wish you a nice third Advent.

Monday, 3 December 2007


The month of December has started and with it our Advent calendar.
The quilt we use for that effect is an older one (about 10 years old) from a Fons and Porter book, with a lot of buttons. The quilt is scrappy, machine sewed, hand appliquéed in buttonhole stitch (before child time!) and hand quilted.

It hangs the whole year long in our kitchen and brings a bit of colour on a white wall but in December it looks like this:

The buttons come very handy! I don´t think Fons and Porter had thought about that when the created the model!
The little bags are full of treats like tatoos, playmobil, tapes and sweets. The big yellow bag is for St Nicolas on the 6th of December with two treats!

On my free day last week, I sewed the cushion for my nephew. I got the pattern for the digger from a colouring page. It is machine appliquéed and machine sewed.
That´s one more Christmas present finished!

Tomorrow I wanted to do some shopping for some more pressies but my DS is sick with a bad cold and a nasty cough so I think we will stay indoor, drink a lot of herbal tea with honey and make some Christmas decoration.
I wish you a nice week.