Saturday, 27 September 2008


Two weeks without posting! I had a reason: a nasty bad cold, with my head feeling like a pumpkin most of the time.

The week before I had started quilting my siggy swap blocks quilt and I hope to show a picture of the finished quilt soon.
This week I received the last lot of my yarn subscription. That was something I could drool over. Quite easy with a running nose! I can see some nice socks or scarves there.

As my dear son and I are flying next week to the UK to see my dear sis, I had to finish her socks. And here they are. The pattern is called Clessidra from Knitty.

She wanted some flaps to fold over boots and there are still some buttons missing at the outside sides.

I hope she will like them, if not they are coming back with me!

This afternoon we had a gorgeous weather and so I spent some time dyeing more sock yarn with Kool Aid.
Pictures will be in the next post too.
I want to thank you all for your nice comments on the scrappy star quilt. They went down like honey, which was just what I needed this week.

Well enough whinging! I wish you a nice week with pumpkin in your gardens or on your plates!

Monday, 15 September 2008


One less Ufo on the shelves (or rather on the pile on the floor beside the shelves!).

Last week I finished quilting my scrappy star quilt and sewing on the binding.

And the result is an autumn quilt ready on time for some afternoons on the terrace.

Last thursday was our monthly quilt group meeting and we were lucky to have one of the authors of that book as guest. She had plenty to show us and we went home full of ideas.

At the moment I am knitting socks for my dear sis (yes, the one who said "knitted socks, no thank you, never!). Well, she changed her mind and wants some knee socks in cream with a lot of fancy stitches. I can tell you, knie socks are VERY long! Let´s see what I will manage this week apart from that.

I wish you a nice week.

Monday, 8 September 2008


I was lucky this week and managed to have some time to sew things for me! I could finish this wall-hanging. I had made the stitchery back in spring I think and I had bought the fabric for the border. Well here it is at last and in time before Christmas!

I had told you that I wanted to dye some yarn with food coloring, well I did. With a friend we had a nice afternoon in the garden and dyed three skeins.
I will show you what the yarns looked like before dying, some baby blue ( I must have bought that colour about 8 years ago as my son was still a baby), white and cream.
And this is the result, first as skeins and then as balls. The colours are quite true apart from the green which is a bit brighter in real.
Not too bad but we had to use up all the food coloring (2 packs with 4 colours each) and I think the colours are not as dark as with Kool Aid. My friend got hooked I think, so it won´t be the last dying taking place in our garden!

I have been machine quilting my scrappy star quilt and it is coming out fast! Some pictures next week.

I wish you a nice week.