Saturday, 4 July 2009


I am sorry to post so little in the recent past. Especially sorry for my dear sis who can write any silly comment!
Anyway, I have been working a lot in the last weeks and with the summer holidays approaching fast (in fact they have already started!) there was still a lot to organise.
But of course there is a life beside working and that´s what I have done with mine in the last 2 weeks.

I dyed sock yarn:

I spun some roving I had dyed before. I still don´t know what will become of that skein as the wool is not very soft.

I spun some more:

And I knitted bowls out of the yarn. They are felted after being knitted.

Next week we are going on holiday in France to see the family and to rest.

I hope you have a nice summer too.


P.S.: I have not been commenting on other blogs lately. I am sorry about that. I still read your blogs though and I appreciate each comment you leave here. I hope to have more time after the holidays to resume the commenting.