Saturday, 10 January 2009


It snowed last monday and the snow is still here and it is freezing cold!
Fortunately I had knitted a tam for my DH for Christmas.

The children are having fun with their slides but can´t stay outside too long as it is freezing cold.

This week I did not have to go to work everyday. Instead I enjoyed dyeing some sock yarn.
I could not go outside as it is so cold ( oh I have already told you that, well never mind!).
Do go and have a look at the new BOM Bea is having. It looks very promising. I wonder when or if that woman sleeps!
Next thursday we are having our monthly quilt group meeting and I plan to machine quilt my mother´s top. Some things to look forward to instead of that **** freezing cold weather!

I wish you some warm place for this week.
P.S. : I think I forgot to say that the temperatures were playing crazy here and that I have to put on 5 layers of clothes when I go outside!


Anne said...

Hello from Freezing England!
You see, it is the same everywhere! I love the beret! And if you are bored sometime soon before it gets warmer, I would love a girly beret! Found some more food coloring in my understairs cupboard, funny that!
Warm hugs


teodo said...

Ciao from a freezer and snowed Italy.
This hat will be very warm for your DH.
ciao ciao

gwensmom said...

We go from very cold to somewhere in the 60's - sometimes in the same day! At least your husband's head is warm and stylish. The tam looks great on him and I love that colorful sock yarn! You may be stuck inside but you are certainly putting your time to good use.

Libby said...

Oh my - I wish I could share my weather with you. We are predicted to have a high of 78f tomorrow. I'm none too happy about that . . . . I'd love just a little touch of winter *s*

Carol said...

Hello from Sunny Australia! LOL. I'm sitting here with a sleeveless top and a skirt on right now, bare legs, bare arms. I should stop now huh? Jealous? LOL Love the hat.

Bea said...

Oh! Deine Sockenwolle ist wieder supertoll geworden... unten, zweiter von rechts ... sieht soooooooo klasse aus!!! :-)))
Ich friere mit dir! Am Donnerstag wirds wieder warm im DKH!!! Bis dahin! Bringst du Mama´s Quilt dann mit???

Elizabeth A. said...

Gwen I'm sending happy warm thoughs from Florida your way, how about that? Do you feel the warm breeze coming from your computer? Oh well I tried.

Your yarn is just devine. I love those multicolors! AMAZING!

julieQ said...

It is a bit cool here too, nothing like our Northeast, they have 40 below zero! Love the hat, it will certainly warm that certain someone.