Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Today was this cuttie in my letter box. It was sent from Melinda. Melinda is a professional long-arm quilter and you can see it! This cheerful quilt is hanging now in my sewing room, beside the other miniquilts I have received and made so far.

Last week-end the weather was wonderful here and I was having some quality time with my sewing machine finishing that top.

I opened the window of my sewing room and went to fetch the camera to take a picture.

Then I sarted sewing again to finish zigzaging the border of the quilt when suddenly my dear Bernina switched itself off!
It is BROKEN. I could not switch it on again.
It doesn´t like an opened window or being taken the picture of or what?!
Of course I went to the repair shop first thing on Monday but still haven´t heard anything.
And what am I supposed to do in the meantime? I could hand-quilt, I could knit, I could stitch, well I just have to wait patiently and hope for a not too high bill.

I wish you a nice weather AND a working sewing-machine!


dot said...

Beautiful quilts. I can't imagine a machine just shutting itself off. Something must have snapped on the inside.

gwensmom said...

I am so sorry that you are without a sewing machine :0 It's bad enough when the machine is gone for a few days for cleaning and oiling, but this is scary!

Lea said...

Your swap patner's quilt is so beautiful.
and Oh, My! your quilt is so gorgeous! I love the star block in a middle.Wow.... You did a great job!

Bea said...

I´m happy that your 4SQ has arrived.
Love your quilt in the sun! And I´m so sorry about your sewing machine! Hope with you!
Happy Valentine´s Day!

lil said...

that is terrible, hopefully you get it back soon and fixed, lol

your quilts are beautiful and I would be pleased to meet you in may in Luxemburg, I know your favourite shop will be there and that will be a disaster for my wallet

Libby said...

Oh my, I hope your machine is back with you soon. Maybe it just needed a little R&R *s*
You received a lovely swap quilt . . . I haven't seen one I didn't like yet - can't wait for Spring.

Anne said...

Hello, your little sister. You see, I live my life without a sewing machine, so I don't quite understand the distress, only, whose going to make me nice cushions now!!!
Lots of love from sunny England


lil said...

Tagged you Gwen, hope thats ok for you

Lucy said...

Oohh a broken machine !! That's frustrating! The picture made me smile. The open window looks good; Spring. The quilt on your chair made me smile too. Hé where do I recognize it from ;-) You did a great job with it Gwen!

sylvied54 said...

tes ouvrages sont splendides, bravo. merci d'avoir visité mon blog. Je suis ravie de participer au BOM de Béa, il me plait énormément.
Dommage pour ta machine, c'est rageant

atet said...

Oh no!!! How awful. I hope your machine is fixed soon (and isn't too expensive to fix as well). Your quilts are lovely -- what a great swap quilt!

julieQ said...

Wow, beautiful swap quilt! I admired it on her blog too , LOL! I especially like your quilt top. Sorry about old Bernice, your machine!

Christine said...

Both quilts are beautiful