Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Lil and Ila tagged me some time ago to tell 7 things about me. I have already listed 7 weird things about me (see the labels) and so I will tell you 7 random things which come to my with-a-bad-flu-fogged mind!

- I don´t like coffee, I only drink tea (any kind), water and fruit juice.
- I don´t like alcohol either, which restricts my choices of beverage (see first point) .
- I walk very fast. A lot of people have problems keeping up with me (even my DH who is bigger than I) .
- I don´t like big full shopping streets. It is not that I don´t like a crowd, I don´t have any problem at the theater or the cinema. It is just that as I walk fast, I feel like most of the people are blocking my way and I want to push them aside!
- At school, I hated sewing!
- My DH and I met in England. He didn´t speak french, I didn´t speak german so the lingua franca in the first 3 years (as we lived apart) was english.
- I introduced my DM to patchwork and quilting and now she can´t stop!

Britta and Brigitte gave me an award, how nice. Thank you very much.
I give the award to all the people reading my blog and if you feel like telling us 7 things about you, feel tagged by me!

No, this is not my 4SSQ for spring! It is a crib quilt I made some time ago to show how to get curves with folded fabric. And yet another attempt at getting rid of the flowery fabrics!

Last week-end, I had a cold and was feeling very unwell so I spent as much time as I could on the couch and I managed to finish the Icarus shawl. The blocking was a bit of an adventure as it was the first time but I like this first version so much that I have started another one in a grey-blue yarn.

My sewing machine is back! Of course I had to sew something to see how it goes. it is much quieter than before and it is all shiny because of the oil. I hope now that I can sew without problems for at least the next 10 years!
I made a key-holder with a ribbon and a button I had in my stash.

Don´t forget that in 2 days, Bea will post the 3rd stitchery BOM.
I wish you inspiration and a nice week.


gwensmom said...

Hooray for having your machine back. You managed to use the downtime well - the icarus is gorgeous!

paula, the quilter said...

O O O...
I'm in lust with that shawl! Icarus. Don't fly to close to the sun, now.

atet said...

That shawl is just too beautiful! Oh my! Love it! So glad you have your machine back though!

Lea said...

Wow, your apple core crib quilt is so pretty. and It's very interesting the way you construct this blocks. *S*

Jenny said...

Such lovely pictures, I love the shawl. That is next for me, a triangular shawl. Yesterday I got the book, Victorian Lace Today and now just need to decide which one to make. Quilts with curves are my favourite.

Libby said...

How good to have your machine back with you *s* I just never cease to marvel at all of you knitting gals and the beautiful work.
It must be fun to have multiple languages in your home. I have very rusty high school Spanish but no one near to converse with *s*

julieQ said...

What a lovely applecore quilt.. and shawl! I just can't knit, it is just like pulling teeth.. can't do it!

Shelina said...

I'm glad your sewing machine is back and healthy. Too bad you had to give up so much fabric shopping money for it. Your apple core quilt is so pretty. How do you do curves with folds? Was there a book or a pattern?
The shawl is beautiful as well.