Friday, 2 July 2010


Work, hot weather and more work, that´s all there is here at the moment. Only 2 weeks til summer break and 4 weeks holiday!

On the commuter train I can do some knitting and I finished this Lady Kina quite quickly. The pattern is great and easy. The yarn I had chosen was a pain in the a*** though. It is a cotton/ bamboo blend not at all elastic and very difficult to unknit or to sew.

Still, I like the result!

At home I added a stitchery border to my confetti top.

I will start the quilting after the holidays. I am tending towards a machine quilting. But we will see.

I wish you a nice week-end with nice temperatures.


Laurence said...

Very beautiful quilt.

black bear cabin said...

that quilt is going to be awesome!!!

Andrea said...

I love your knitting - I have tried to translate this into English but a lot I don't understand - lol ! Your quilt will be beautiful.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh your confetti top is wonderful. I have to get back to mine!

lisa said...

Hi Gwen, Thanks for stopping by my blog again. Lovely to see you : )
'Hitzefrei' I completely forgot about that. I was schooled near Dusseldorf. Loved those 'hiztefrei' days, seems like so long ago.
Have a great weekend. Lisa x