Friday, 4 May 2007


Last night we had our monthly patchwork group meeting. It was fun, we saw very nice quilts, had dozens of lists going around for projects, tours, courses,... I wonder if I really wrote down all the dates and things I am suppose to take part in!
Well today I will show different things which don´t have much to do with one another but are still worth showing (I think!).

First the socks: I had bought some wool in March and of course I can´t wait till next winter so here I am, knitting socks in May with temperatures much higher than usual and still no rain. A funny thing, Diane is knitting socks as well and the pattern looks much the same. Is there a sock bug going around?

Second, the inchies: I wanted to try this because when I go on holiday I think it is something I will be able to do with my mother (quilter) and my sister (no quilter, no sewer) as a girls-get-together thing. I will prepare some more and bring all my embellishments with me and on holiday (in France at the sea) we can find some more interesting stuff like seashells. I am looking forward to that.

Third, the little house: I made this one after seeing many japanese houses in a magazine about a japanese patchwork exhibition. The house is hand appliquéed and the whole is hand quilted. It is about 4"3/4 x 6" 3/4.

The last picture is the mystery quilt from Waltraud Gr.. It is the result of a course I gave last winter. Look here to see more of them. I like the colours Waltraud chose. It would be perfect in MY TV-room but I don´t think Waltraud agrees!
Some people asked how big the minis were I showed in the last post but one. They are 4"x 5,5".
I wish you all a nice week-end with a lot of time for your projects!


Connie said...

I'm sitting here saying 'Wow' at the tiny quilts...great job. I'm always amazed at how they can be sewed when the pieces are tiny.

Gail said...

oooh, I just love that little house! What a great job you did.

Quilty said...

Have a nice time in France at the sea. Making the inchies together with your mother and sister it's a good idea, you all will enjoy it.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That last quilt is fabulously bright and cheery, well done, Tracey

Diana said...

The socks are looking great, Gwen. I just love that little house--but I can't get over how small it is!

atet said...

I am loving the "inchies" are the squares just 1"? I'm thinking about stealing, oh -- I mean borrowing, your idea for some art in my computer room.

Wendy said...

I'm loving the socks. I'm working on a pair using a really soft yarn with bamboo, cotton and nylong. Such fun.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I will visit you often.

teodo said...

Oh! how many beautiful works.
ciao ciao

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love the inchies! Great idea. I haven't caught the sock bug, so it least it isn't an epidemic just yet! Your socks are very pretty, great job!