Sunday, 29 April 2007


After an wonderful week with
beautiful weather, I gave yesterday a workshop on hand-sewing. The students could choose among different technics what they wanted to have a try at. There were yo-yos, curves, set-in seams, japanese method, english paper method. Here are the results:

Christa W.

Mechthild W.

Annette Ma.

Heidi T.

Iris A.

Sarah W.

Sigrid M.

Annette Me.

Gertrud T.

Some of the students were beginners, some advanced. We had fun and I hope that all of them learned something and went back home with a lot of projects on the mind.


Quilting Journey said...

What wonderful projects! I think all of your students should be proud of themselves for trying some challenging techniques and doing so well. I bet you are a wonderful teacher and they are certainly lucky to have you as their instructor!

Connie said...

Hi, Gwen...The students you are teaching are learning well. Great projects!

Clare said...

Hi Gwen. Found your blog via a comment you left on Conni's blog. So you are a Gwen Marston fan too?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What patience you must have, so very important in an instructor, to teach any and all of these challenging techniques! Wonderful work done by all; how very lucky your students are to have you!

Carole said...

Quelle accomplissement! Gosh my spelling is horrendous! Great work from your student! C'est surement du a un bon professeur! Happy quilting!

teodo said...

These projects are very beautiful, the students very
good and the teacher fantastic.
ciao ciao

anne bebbington said...

handwork can be so therapeutic - your students did some lovely work

Anne said...

Hello, Gwen! You muct be such a great teacher! I'm self tought at hand piecing, but would love to have been in your class! Your students are making lovely blocks! Will these be put into samplers? or...?

Rose said...

Thank u Gwen for sharing these lovely blocks......u just taught me something!!! im having troubles with the Tennesse Block on my SBS quilt but from these pics, i think i now know how to do it!!!!.....thnx ever so much!!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Very nice! Sewing by hand is a really great way to understand fabric, piecing and sewing in general. Even though it might seem like it takes a bit longer, you can learn so much about 1/4 in seams, and curved sewing, matching points and locking seams.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Looks a great class, I enjoyed checking out their progress. Your tv room miniatures look good, Tracey

atet said...

What a fun class that must have been. I wish I could find something like it. I would like to try some hand piecing/hand work but most of the classes in my area concentrate on a big project rather than the techniques. Your students did wonderful work -- and shows what a good teacher you are.