Thursday, 16 February 2012


Title is an allusion to my sister´s post!

As I keep on exploring new arty paths and renovating my entrance hall.
For Christmas I asked my DH to make a new shoe rack. He obliged gracefully, if only a bit late and I was left with some sanding and painting. I like the new piece of furniture very much. Imagine before a small pine shoe cabinet with most of the shoes on the floor in a heap. Above was a older cross stiched sampler I made as I was much younger.

So new art was needed too.

And that´s what I came up with. I used wall paper, magazine bits, gesso, bubble wrap... and I had fun!

I wish I had bought bigger canvases as these ones look a bit small above the shoe shelves (they look bigger in real though). But I bet I will make some more and anything is an excuse to go to a favorite shop of mine.

Take care


Sarah said...

I love your mixed media cats! They look great above the shoe rack. I am forwarding that picture to a friend of mine who keeps all her shoes in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

Anne said...

I like the new shelf but where are the sparkly gold shoes and the tarty red high heels?!!!. Love the canvas but you are right, you might have to make three bigger ones ! Oh, what a shame !!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh Gwen! These are just amazing. The cats attract the eye and pulls me in while the rest just keeps me looking at all your detail. Wonderful.

That's quite the shoe shelf you have there now too!