Thursday, 22 February 2007

Mystery Quilts 1

The quilt group I chair is composed of 10 charming ladies, some of them beginners, some of them advanced. It is not always easy to find something which will suit everyone.
This session I proposed a mystery quilt I had seen at Patchwork pumpkin.

I changed the measurements in cm and I gave one part of the mystery each week.
Here are some of the results. The rest will be here next week. Some of the quilts are already finished, some need to be quilted. But I think everyone is happy with the results.

Hildegard K.

Inge K.

Monika N.

Hannelore B.
(beginner, first
quilt ever, first
time rotary
Hut ab, Hannelore!

Waltraud B.

Lisl P.


joyce said...

It is always amazing that a group of people can take the same pattren and come up with such different results. They are all beautiful.

Anne said...

Those quilts look wonderful! It is amazing the difference using different colours will make, the tops are basically all the same, but all so different:-) Isn't that part of the fun of this craft? - selecting fabric for just the expression you want to make?

teodo said...

All those quilts are beautiful. It's interesting to see how different the pattern seems, even if it's just the colours that change! wow! ciao, ciao

Bea said...

A great adventure to sew the same pattern in different colours and fabrics ... very cute!

Diana said...

Hi Gwen, We do a mystery quilt with our quilt guild, too. I love to see the results because all the quilts always look so different. The night of the "reveal" is always so much fun.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Bifocals are not so bad if you get the right prescription! LOL!

Quilty said...

Thank you for sharing these photos. It's interesting to see the different results. It's a nice pattern.

lappemor said...

I am so impressed by these quilts, I am sure these beginners will enjoy quilting for a long time!

Diana said...

You are so right about the fabric postcards! I might have to try one or two.

Cynthia said...

what lovely quilts they have made. Same pattern but different colors and fabrics can make them all look different.