Monday, 17 May 2010


I was not gone on holidays! But still I have not posted for a while just because I was very busy. I gave 2 quilt courses where the students were great but it was a lot to organize. Before that I had a nasty cold and so on and on...

Anyway, as you can imagine I did not sew much but I can show small things that got finished.

First a picture my parents gave me from my grand father (the young man on the left).
As the picture is very small I added some bits and pieces to make it a bit bigger.
I am very pleased with the result and as I have some more pictures you know what will happen next!

Then I sewed a small picture inspired by Janet Bolton. I have had her wonderful book for some years now but I never had the idea to create something alike. This miniquilt won´t be the last either.

And as I hve found a great shop for frames, a 48hour day is the only thing missing!

And at last a picture of the cat frightening the birds! Don´t worry it did not catch any. The birds were too clever. Mice are not that clever though!
That´s it for today. Could you send some sun if you have any where you live. I think it has gone missing here and it is just cold and wet.
Till next time!


Sarah said...

I love your Janet Bolton-inspired cat picture! Our library has two of her books and I check them out all the time.

Anne said...

I think both your frames are cute but you need some inspiration from scrap booking blogs to make them even better !! hint, hint!!
Lots of sunshine here and even more where I am going on hhhooollllliidddayyys!!
Lots of love

black bear cabin said...

love the little kitty cat quilt, but perhaps you should have the cat sitting on the house, like in your photograph :) (which is hilarious by the way) Our kitten is totally obsessed with my hummingbird feeders, and ive about given up trying to keep her away from them. She knocked one over today though :( The mice are totally fair game, so i wish she would concentrate on that!
as for the sunshine, wish i had some to share...if i get any, i may hoard it for a while, but i promise to share eventually. :)

Marie France said...

Très beau le cadre et j'espére que tu vas lui trouver une bonne place dans ta maison.J'aime aussi beaucoup le chat en patch.L'autre je le connais.

julieQ said...

Such a wonderful idea with the old picture, adding bits of trim to make a very nice frame! Your cat is ambitious!

libbyquilter said...

ha~! the kitty on the birdhouse makes me laugh.

i have a calico cat (Cricket) and the mice quiver in fear of her also~!


p.s. the word verification is "rednesti"~!~

katelnorth said...

I love your Janet Bolton picture - I did a workshop with her earlier this year and it was great (I've been a fan for a long time despite her style being so different from my own - or perhaps because of it!) - anyway, she's wonderful to doa workshop with - if you ever get the chance, do take it!