Sunday, 29 March 2009


During the last five days, the big craft fair was in town.
On Friday I spent some time demonstrating machine quilting while others were demonstrating hand quilting at the frame at our guild booth:

It was very interesting, just busy enough so that I could spend time with each interested person.
Of course I visited our LQS which had a booth as well but I did not buy anything there this time as...
I was looking for the place where they were selling spindles and it looks like I found it!
I spent time yesterday and today trying to get the hook of it. I spun some yarn and made some 2-ply.
And you know what, I love it! Even if I still have a lot of progress to do before I can spin some sock yarn (my aim!) it is not that difficult and very calming.
Now I will dye the good wool I bought and see if I get a finer and more regular yarn.

I wish you a very nice week with maybe something new to try?!


Elizabeth said...

I love that hexagon quilt at the top... Okay well they are all really something! Beautiful, glad to hear you had just enough time.

Enjoy your new hobby and best of luck on getting the same consistancy, I can't imagine how you'd go about it, but from your photos you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful :D
I love your blog banner photo.

Marie France said...

Je crois que tu as encore beaucoup de progrès à faire pour filer la laine.Les patch de tes élèves sont très bien,mais je pense qu'avec un bon prof.on ne peut faire que de belles choses.

Anonymous said...

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