Friday, 13 March 2009


I don´t have much time this week for blogging.

My workshop on scrap quilts is tomorrow and I made some more blocks to show. I don´t intend to make a quilt out of those ones, they are only to show the students the construction of the blocks and the importance of colour placement or the lack of it!

I hope we will have fun!

On the knitting front I made a scarf and nearly finished the socks to match.
This was the first time I knitted the NORO yarn and I like it a lot. To knit the scarf and the socks I only used two skeins ( one multicoloured and one brownish). The yarn is a bit pricey but the results are very nice I think.

If the weather stays so mild, I will have no excuse on Sunday not to go in the garden and say hello to the lovely (!) bunches of nettle growing busily in every corner!

Have a nice week.


Joyce said...

I love all your scrappy blocks! They'd make a fantastic quilt.

gwensmom said...

Your scarf looks fantastic! Does the yarn feel soft on your neck? Some Noro yarns are really scratchy.

I hope the class went well. did you take some pics of your students work?

Carol said...

Oh my gosh, the results are not just nice ... THEY ARE SENSATIONAL !!! My goodness. So what type of knitting did you do for the scarf? Is it just straight plain knitting? Or a rib. I can't quite tell from here, but I'm impressed it's not curling at the sides.

julieQ said...

I really like your scrap blocks, the one at the top is wonderful, my favorite!! Your scarves look so warm and snuggly.

Elizabeth said...

I love those stripes on the socks! They look GREAT! On my dashboard reading list the top block totally looked like a thread spool! Now that I'm looking at it bigger I can see it surely is not, but neat all the same. Have a wonderful time teaching.

Libby said...

Have fun with your class - the blocks look great *s*