Wednesday, 4 March 2009


The daffodils in the garden are growing, today I saw some blue sky, I think spring is not far!

I am busy preparing my workshop on scrap quilts for saturday in a week.
These are the blocks I have made so far. As you notice, I chose my best looking fabrics!

I want to show the participants that even with challenging fabrics, one can sew a nice looking top.

I must mention Bonnie´s site which inspired me a lot to prepare the workshop.

I also dyed some more yarn: the first two are lace yarns and the third is merino/linen. The others are normal sock yarns
Tomorrow we have our monthly quilt group meeting. Something I am looking forward to.

I wish you a nice time too looking out of the window for more signs of spring ( or for autumn for the ones down under!)


Libby said...

Signs of spring are starting to pop up all around . . . . it will be here soon. Love your little blocks *s*

Anonymous said...

This morning when I was outdoors taking care of the trashcans I noticed little bits of spring growth of flowers peeping up through the soil. I do believe spring will show up after all. ;D

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the blocks I thought Bonnie and then read your post. Those blocks caught my eye and look fantastic!

Nadine said...

Oh, how I'd LOVE being at your workshop. Scrappy quilts are my favourite ones, and the blocks you prepared are so cute ;>)
I especially love the last one in picture 1, and the first one in picture 2.
Could you, eventually, tell me about the pieces sizes and blocks sizes ?
THANKS, Gwen !

gwensmom said...

I love those colorful blocks! They would be enough to brighten up the winter all by themselves, but I'm glad you are finally seeing some green outside too,

Elizabeth said...

Happy Spring, glad to see signs are popping up around you as well. The turn around was so fast, seems like I was just reading your blog about more snow!

Enjoy teaching your class.

Marie France said...

J'espère que ta journée de patch s'est bien passée et que toutes tes élèves étaient contentes.Notre journée de lundi était très bien organisée et nous avons réalisé en patch des théières,des tasses à thé et des sucriers.

Helen said...

I hope your scrap block class went well. Bonnies site is great. It is spring for you and autumn for us in New Zealand.

francoise said...

Bonjour Gwen,
Le retour des beaux jours vous ramène au patchwork et avec des couleurs très printanières. Hier à la journée FP votre maman m'a dit:"Gwen met toujours un tissu moche dans un patch, avec le reste ça passe."Je vois qu'en effet le résultat n'est pas mal!!!J'attends le top fini...A bientôt le plaisir de vous lire.

Quilty said...

Die Blöcke efallen mir sehr gut. Bin schon sehr gespannt auf das fertige Top. Ich bin gerade auf der Suche nach Mustern für ein Restequilt. Schade, dass ich nicht an deinem Kurs teilnehmen kann;-)
Viele Grüße