Wednesday, 5 August 2009


We have been back for a few days yet but it is only now that I find some time to post.
This is where we spent some of our time. My parents have a house there and even if the water was quite cold (so cold I did not get into it but my DH and DS did nearly everyday) and the weather on the wet side, it was a very nice holiday.

We did not do much apart from hanging around and sleeping but we still managed to visit a local fair where I had an interesting chat with these nice ladies. And before you ask, no, I have never worn such a costume myself!

I took a picture of my mum´s lattest work. It was a mystery quilt at her local quilt group.
Although my mum is not very fond of it, she was very brave and finished it!

No UFOs for her!

Since back I have been working on my confetti quilt and at some spinning.
Pictures of that will be next time.

Till then I wish you some nice time and hopefully warm weather.


Chookyblue...... said...

pleased you had a nice break.........beautiful scenery......
wished I was like your Mum with no wisp........

gwensmom said...

Your mom's quilt is fab! I love those clean lines and geometric forms.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

Elizabeth said...

It is pretty. I keep looking at the big "blocks" trying to figure out how to change it up to give the movement more uniformity as I really do like the arcs on the corners.

Your mother's hand quilting looks devine!

UFO's, eek! Is it still a UFO if the top is done? lol!

black bear cabin said...

if your mom isnt a big fan of the quilt, does that mean you get to keep it :) it looks great to me...and i love the colors!
i would also love to see more photos of your vacation spot...looks fabulous!!!!!

Shasta said...

I'm glad you had a nice vacation - it does look really pretty and restful. Your Mom's quilt is pretty - I'm amazed she handquilted if it she didn't like it though.

julieQ said...

I love that quilt! Hand a quilted...gorgeous. Love the cotumes.