Monday, 9 June 2008


Time seems to fly by at the moment. I have been busy at work and did some extra at the week-end (like sewing 8 pairs of trousers for a circus show at my DS´s school). That means there was not much time for quilting.

To show you something nonetheless, I took a picture (or rather my DH took the picture!) of my Picovoli I finished one month ago. I like that pattern because there is no sewing at the seams (there are no seams!).

Last week I received some goodies from my family too. My mother sent me a pouch, a self-made card, a pin-cushion and some japanese fabrics. Everything lovely. My sister, having heard of my battle against slugs sent me a very funny book with some good ideas (like put a cabbage leave upside down in the garden and all the slugs will gather underneath) and some weird ideas (once you have picked up the slugs, put them in the mixer and give that to the cat!!).

Speaking of cats, look at the cuttie! This is the daughter of the "cat which has adopted us". It was born on the first of May at the neighbours´. The proud mother (she only got one kitten) brought her along for us to have a look at.

The young boy next door decided to keep it. And as you can see on the second picture, the kitten already likes shoes (girls!!!) .

This week I will try to finish sewing the scrappy star blocks and try some ideas for my 4SSQ.

Have a nice week too!

P.S.: Margit, konntest Du mir Deine Email geben, so daß ich auf Deine Frage antworten kann?


Jessica's mom said...

What a beautiful kitten! Don't forget to have them both spayed or more kittens there will be!

That blouse is devine. It looks so comfortable too!

FabricMom said...

What a sweet kitty. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful top.

gwensmom said...

Your Picovoli is lovely! You should make on in every color.

Libby said...

*ugh* slugs. I thought I was doing well this year. Yesterday I was getting ready to post a photo from the garden . . . and there it was! I ran out right away with my bag of snail and slug bait. That will the last I hear from him *s*