Monday, 27 October 2008


Yes, you see well, I did some more Kool-Aid, food-colouring dyeing at the week-end!
The big ball is lace yarn and is a bit too pale to my taste and the second is sock yarn and looks like fun!

Winter is coming and my son´s head has grown, it seems. So what is a mum to do, a new skull hat of course. I would not have chosen that pattern myself, but better he likes it and WEARS it as goes bare head and catches a cold!
I finished the socks for my DH too. I like the colours but did not have enough( he has BIG feet!) so I had to mix in some dark grey yarn at the toes.And finally, I sewed a little bag. It is for a surprise project at our quilt group and that´s why I can´t show the stitchery on it at the moment.

That´s it for today. Still not much quilting going on but I am thinking about it!
Have a nice time.


Quiltgirlie said...

Hallo Gwen, über das Färben mit Kool Aid mußt Du mir in Dortmund genauer berichten. Das interessiert mich sehr.
LG, Britta

francoise said...

Bonsoir Gwen,
Avec ces magnifiques bonnets et chaussettes, vous affronterez sans crainte les rigueurs de l'hiver!
Au fil des mois, j'ai beaucoup aimé vos réalisations,particulièrement vos sacs.Je retrouve aussi, avec plaisir, des ouvrages de Marie-France qui trouve encore le temps de faire beaucoup de patchs malgré ses nombreuses occupations au bord de la mer.
Continuez à nous faire partager vos bonnes idées.

Marie France said...

Je me demande ou tu trouves le temps de faire autant de choses.Je pense que Carl est très content de son nouveau bonnet qui lui va très bien.Bisous

gwensmom said...

Your son looks so cute in that hat!

Jessica's mom said...

Great job on the hat, as you said "he wears it!" and that's what really matters anyway. We're enjoying the first cold snap of the season here as well. I can hardly wait to get quilting on my Christmas quilts. :)

ambermoggie said...

love the colours of the kool aid yarn and the socks:)