Saturday, 14 May 2011


Well, actually just from my sister, who posts much more than I do.
So here are my art journal beginnings.
That´s the book I started with. It is a Christmas present from dear friends. The paper is really nice but the cover was a bit boring.

I changed that first with the help of gesso, acrylic paint and gel medium.

Then I started:

I enjoy the journey, the thoughts I put in this first journal, the colour combinations I try, the way it makes me look at things and people from a new angle.

Maybe I will add some fabric to it in the future. After all, I have some (sic!) shelves full of it!

I hope you enjoy your creative journey too. Be daring!

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Anne said...

I think you are amazing, I love it ! You will, or your child will look at it in the years to come and remember all this. I saw a mini book made like this in a French magasine last month, may be we should work together !! I am thinking xmas presents, wink wink !!

Lots of love,
From your sister ( and by the way, I like the link !! ) ( you will have teach me ! ) who had far too much vino blanco tonight !!