Wednesday, 30 January 2008


I have started yet another attempt at reducing my stash of old, flowery, 80´s fabric. I got the pattern for the "Delectable mountains" at Bonnie´s and I just add the small triangles at each side of one mountain. I am planning of doing 4 or 5 rows and adding a string star in the middle. I am so serious about that reducing attempt that I want to add prairie points all around the top. Lots of fabric there!

This week I also sewed a coaster to go with a mug for a friend´s birthday.

I had the right fabric in my stash! It is the first coaster I made but I am very happy with it and it won´t be the last.

One of my students, Monika N. finished her sampler. Congratulations Monika!
I like it because of its scrappiness and because of the nice quilting.
Today I borrowed some quilt books at our guild librairy. One on the Nebraska quilt documentation project. I like the quilt doc. project books as they tell the stories of the women who made the quilts and present the state where the survey took place. It is like applied history.

So now I am off to my settee with a big book on my lap full of beautiful quilts!

I wish you a nice week-end.

P.S.: Don´t forget, tomorrow Bea posts a new BOM!


tami said...

I love the Delectable Mountains. Great use of that fabric.

Kathie said...

I like the new quilt you started and the idea of a string star in the middle is great!
great that it will be all from the stash :)

Anonymous said...

Yet another pattern to use someday. Your quilt will be wonderful using these fabrics even if they are not to your taste of today.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I love how you are putting the quilt together! Great colors too!!

Lea said...

Woooo, I love your Delectable Mountains. Your color choice is very Springy feeling. Lovely!
Your student Monika's quilt is beautiful. Her quilting line is so perfect and amazing.

Libby said...

What a fun way to use up your older fabrics - you are going to have a great quilt when you are done.
I love those documentation books, too. Borrowing from the guild is a nice way to have a look and then see if you might want to add one to your own library. Tons of inspirations.

atet said...

Those Delectable Mountains blocks look great -- and a wonderful way to use up fabrics! Fun!

Anne Ida said...

Your Delectable Mountains looks fabulous! And it sounds like this project will put a large dent in your 80s stash :o)

Cute coaster :o) And your student's quilt looks great - very colourful and cheery.

Marcie said...

Your "old flowery fabrics" are great in this design! It will be very pretty.

katelnorth said...

The delectable mountains looks really good in those fabrics. I think that's another pattern i really must try out some day. In my spare time, ha ha.

EinzigundArtig said...

I like your "mountain"quilt and just checked how to do the pattern - sounds great!!!Maybe I will do that, too -one day:)

Christine said...

Delectable Mountains is looking great. I like the sound of that book you wrote about. Love books about quilt history. Monika has done a wonderful job on her quilt. You must be a good teacher. And I am doing my Bea blocks in blue to go with some blue and brown fabric I want to use. Happy stitching. Christine